More Artists Accuse Snapchat Of Stealing Their Work

After the latest allegations regarding filter theft, Snapchat claims its taking the appropriate actions

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Jun 17, 2016 at 1:20 PM ET

Snapchat filters have easily become one of the best parts of the app. You can don a flower crown like you’re at Coachella, barf rainbows, or break out the infamous puppy filter. They’re fun, they’re silly, and they’re highly sharable. But where is Snapchat getting the ideas for some of these these filters? Several artists claim Snapchat stole them.

The Ringer reports that makeup artist Argenis Pinal recently noticed that Snapchat featured a Joker filter which suspiciously resembled his own. He posted a side-by-side comparison on Instagram:

Pinal said he reached out to Snapchat, and before he even heard back, the filter had vanished. Whether Snapchat removed the filter because of the brewing backlash, or whether it was slated to expire at that time is unclear. What’s certain is that Pinal is not the first artist to accuse Snapchat of lifting his work. In April, Russian artist Alexander Khoklov noticed Snapchat had a colorful geometric filter that looked just like some of his artwork. He said Snapchat lifted it without permission. Snapchat apologized, calling it an “embarrassing mistake.” But if the artists are to be believed, Snapchat’s apology was just lip service: The very next day, Snapchat faced accusations of ripping off another artist named Mykie. Mykie posted an Instagram of her own showing her art next to a filter, and they look very similar:


Not sure how to feel about the newest snapchat filter EDIT: To everyone saying this is an overreaction because snapchat wouldn’t do something like this, and they’re not very similar.. Snapchat basically admitted to taking someone else’s work in too similar a manner yesterday (5/4) on a filter that came out after this one. They called it an ’embarrassing mistake’. It had the same amount of variation as this case, and they removed it because of that. Just somethin’ to think about. UPDATE:(6/13)theyve done this an additional TWO more times now to a graphic artist and to @argenapeede making the total 4 that I know of .No acknowledgment for any of those, still very minor changes with the overall designs being practically traced. You can decide if that makes me crazy or not but I’d call that a hell of a lot of coincidences all by the same platform in a 3 month span. A photo posted by mykie (@mykie_) on

Responding to Pinal’s claim, Snapchat told the Ringer that its creative process should “never result in copying,” and that “copying other artists isn’t something we will tolerate.”

In the same statement, the chat app said it has implemented a more rigorous review process. Whether that will stop claims like these from bubbling up in the future remains to be seen.