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Advertisers Can Now Track Your Emoji Use

Twitter is giving brands the tools to advertise to you in a whole new way

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These reveal more about you than you might think — AFP/Getty Images
Jun 16, 2016 at 11:34 AM ET

Ever wonder what your favorite emojis say about you? Well Twitter thinks it reveals quite a a lot, which is why they gave advertisers the tools to track and target you based on the emoji you tweet.

It raises an interesting question of what insights advertisers will draw from emoji. Clearly some are pretty straightforward, like ⚽️ , 🍷, or 💤. But will Tweeting too many ☹️ 😢 😭 bring on the antidepressant ads? What does it mean if you tweet ✂? Surely you’re probably not in the market for office supplies?

As emojis transition from gimmick to a legitimate form of language, it makes sense that they’d reveal as much to advertisers as actual words. Twitter says its users have used more than 110 billion emojis since 2014, so there’s no shortage of data to work with. And Twitter isn’t the only one who recognize their importance. Instagram lets you search emojis. Facebook recently expanded its emoji offerings. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before advertisers on all social media platforms are using emoji to target potential lovers of 🍕, 🌮 , and maybe even 🍆 . So next time you throw a 💩 out there, who knows what ads will come back at you.