Bald Eagle Owns Canada Goose In Epic Match, Americans Rejoice

"Know your role, Canada! #Murica"

Who says America doesn't win anymore?
Jun 10, 2016 at 1:30 PM ET

Photos of a bald eagle’s humiliating beat down of Canada goose have triggered a wave of chest-thumping American patriotism online.

Canadian photographer Lisa Bell captured the epic beak-off last week as the two iconic birds went wing-to-wing at British Columbia’s Spider Lake Springs. Unfortunately for the home team, the contest quickly turned into good old fashioned drubbing with the bald eagle laying waste to its opponent.

In a series of dazzling photographs, published to the Vancouver Island Images Facebook page, the white-headed warrior is seen showing off its impressive wingspan before chasing the terrified goose. The 20-minute spat concludes with the bald eagle triumphantly standing atop of its embarrassed enemy, who looks utterly defeated. Needless to say, the photos quickly went wide on the internet.

Asked why Bell didn’t step into the scuffle, she told CTV News: “That was nature taking its course and there’s not much I can do about it.”

Perhaps predictably, the metaphorical matchup has since attracted a slew of Twitter trash talk, with Americans—some of whom just nominated eagle-baiting businessman Donald Trump as the Republican presidential hopeful—seizing on the sweet scent of victory.

America is Great Again. At least for today.