No Women, No Non-White People: Welcome To Sports Podcasts

An analysis of the top sports podcasts reveals that women and non-white people are rarely included

Ian Waldie
Jun 03, 2016 at 3:28 PM ET

Sports podcasts: a great way to keep up with the latest sports news and also be reminded of the crushing reality of a society originally built on the premise of white male supremacy.

A Vocativ analysis of the top nine sports-themed podcasts on iTunes that regularly feature guests shows that, well, sports podcasts generally don’t bring on guests who aren’t white. Using a sample size of each show’s last 50 guests, not a single podcast managed to clear the 50 percent mark, with only “The MMA Hour” coming close at 46 percent. The remaining field all clocked in at 30 percent or less.

Now, as for why there are so few guests of the non-white persuasion on these podcasts, the obvious answer is that there are literally no people of color in all of sports media (save for myself—and unfortunately, I am much too busy to appear on all of these podcasts in the name of maintaining a baseline standard of diversity).

While this is indeed a disappointing state of affairs, surely women fare far better than people of color in the sports podcast world, right? Surely classic patterns of sexism aren’t playing out in the utopian world of sports podcasts, right? Ha, you idiot. Come on, of course women aren’t invited to be on sports podcasts. In fact, the numbers on female guests are significantly worse than for people of color. The industry is really showing its ass when the most gender diverse of the bunch is clocking in at 24 percent female representation. Good job, good effort.

Anyway, I’m sure all of this boils down to a totally innocuous explanation that in no way reflects broad, systemic biases entrenched in our society. That would be ridiculous.