Coming Soon: All-You-Can-Eat McDonald’s Fries

One franchise in St. Joseph, Missouri is offering customers the opportunity to dream big

Would you like fries with that? — AFP/Getty Images
Apr 19, 2016 at 11:53 AM ET

It sounds like something out of a dream: all-you-can-eat McDonald’s fries. But it will soon be a reality at one location in St. Joseph, Missouri, where you’ll be able to buy a bottomless carton of salty goodness any time you want.

While endless fries are a revolution in and of themselves, the owner of the Missouri franchise, Chris Habiger, isn’t stopping there. He’s aiming to change the entire McDonald’s experience. His ambitious plans for this 6,500 square foot new location include large kiosks where customers can personalize their burgers and sandwiches. (Don’t worry—they won’t replace actual employees.) There will also be customizable desserts. And let’s not forget the giant play place, which will be filled with interactive light board tables and video games.

The restaurant, which is due to open in July, sounds like a magical land you’ll never want to leave, which is probably why it’s a good thing your fries can last you for days. Sadly, for now, the freedom to enjoy endless fries is limited to people who can get to St. Joseph, Missouri, but hopefully it will be such a smashing success that the all-you-can-eat concept will be adopted nationwide.