Israelis Mock Anonymous’ #OpIsrael Hacking Campaign

A list posted to claimed Anonymous took down 55 Israeli government websites

A supporter of the activist group Anonymous. — REUTERS
Apr 07, 2016 at 8:47 AM ET

The hacking collective known as Anonymous launched its fourth annual #OpIsrael campaign on Thursday to wage cyberattacks against Israel. But Israelis active on Twitter were quick to mock the effort, and make fun of life in their own country.

“Hackers broke into the Bank HaPoalim website. The bank charged them a 14.90 shekel hacking fee,” Twitter user @idokius joked, making fun of both Anonymous’ vow to attack the bank and Israeli banks in general for charging transaction fees too frequently.

In the past, #OpIsrael campaigns—ongoing since 2013 in response to what Anonymous describes as the “Israeli oppression practiced over the Palestinians”—successfully defaced Israeli websites and reportedly exposed Israeli officials’ personal data. But they seem to have been mostly ineffective in terms of substantial impact. Last year, most websites that were attacked were quickly back up and running, an intelligence analyst told Newsweek.

This year, a list posted to the text storage website claimed Anonymous took down 55 Israeli government websites by Thursday morning, including those belonging to the ministries of defense, immigration and finance. The claim could not be independently verified, and some URLs on the list didn’t appear to actually exist, such as (the IDF’s website is: But by 8 a.m. ET, 38 of the websites listed didn’t appear to be working.

Hackers also leaked several Israeli citizens’ email addresses and credit card information, and targeted Israeli bank websites, according to documents posted on the AnonOps IRC webchat, a chatroom where Anonymous’ affiliates discuss hacktivist operations.

Some Israelis, however, didn’t seem to be fazed, and instead laughed at the apparent cyberattacks—and the #OpIsrael campaign altogether.

Translation: Hackers broke into Bank HaPoalim’s website. The bank charged them a 14.90 shekel hacking fee.

Translation: Among Anonymous’ bank of targets: Ministers of Defense David Ben Gurion, Pinkhas Lavon, and Yitzhak Rabin.” (All the ministers died years ago).