How To Go Broke At A Baseball Game

How expensive is going to a baseball game? Red Sox games can cost $157 for two and even an average game will set you back $78

That feel when you buy two beers... — Getty Images
Apr 05, 2016 at 1:25 PM ET

At most major league ballparks, you should expect the full game-day experience to include various vendors gouging you to the fullest extent capitalism will allow.

A study of all 30 MLB venues by found that the average cost for a couple to take an outing to a ballgame in the 2016 season is $77.92, based on the cost of two tickets, two hot dogs, two beers, and one parking spot.

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The price is nearly double, at $157, for a Red Sox game at Boston’s Fenway Park—“America’s Most Beloved Ballpark”—or as little as $47.60 for an Angels game in Anaheim. The data includes the cheapest per-game season ticket pricing, but two “cheap” ducats to a Red Sox game are still $96, which by itself makes a Fenway outing pricier than all but three other ballpark trips. The Angels have season tickets available for as little as $9.80 per game or $19.60 for two.

The other most expensive trips are a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field ($116.06); a New York Yankees game in the Bronx ($109.40 by this methodology and a whole lot more for most any other tickets); and a Toronto Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre ($109.38 in U.S. currency).

Compounding matters for a budget-friendly trip to a game in Boston is that the Red Sox are also tied with the Cubs for the most expensive beers ($15.50 for two smalls) and tied with their arch-rival Yankees for most expensive parking spot ($35).

Here are a few of the other notable ballpark prices:

  • The four cheapest outings are all out west. After the Angels are three National League West teams: the Los Angeles Dodgers ($55.10), Arizona Diamondbacks ($57.93), and Colorado Rockies ($59.30).
  • The Cincinnati Reds sell $1 hot dogs while the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates sell them for less than $2 apiece. The New York Mets have the most expensive hot dogs at $6.25 each.
  • The cheapest listed beer prices are in Arizona and Cleveland at $4 each.
  • The concept of “free” is generally foreign in professional sports, but the Tampa Bay Rays offer some free parking at Tropicana Field for groups that are carpooling.

Generally, however, the lesson to be gleaned is that ball games are expensive—how else are teams going to pay nearly $4 billion in player salaries?