Migrants Decry Deportations: ‘This Is The End Of The Road’

Greece started deportating migrants and refugees to Turkey on Monday

Refugees and migrants disembarking on Lesbos. — (REUTERS)
Apr 04, 2016 at 6:52 AM ET

Panic turned into pessimism among migrants and refugees as Greece started deportations to Turkey. More than 200 migrants have already been sent back on the first set of boats, which arrived in Turkey on Monday.

In a slew of Facebook groups popular among refugees and migrants, many expressed complete lack of hope amid reports that the deportations had started, Vocativ discovered. “What can we do?” wrote Marwan Muadman, in a Facebook group called The Syrian Home In Europe. “This is the end of the road.” Another user declared that Syrians have been deprived of their lives and their dreams both inside and outside of their homeland.

More Migrants Panic As Greece Plans For Deportations

The deportations are the key component of an EU-Turkey deal that impacts “irregular migrants” who arrived in Greece since March 20. The agreement stipulates that migrants who don’t apply or qualify for asylum in Greece will be sent to Turkey—an effort to stem the flow of people making their way from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe.

“Our blood is nothing more than a tool in the negotiations between countries,” Facebook user Abdu Sakaf, who appeared to be a Syrian national currently in Spain, posted on Facebook.

Early on Monday, 202 people—most of them men—were put on boats heading to Turkey from the Greek islands of Chios and Lesbos, the Associated Press reported. They were from nearly a dozen nations including Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, Greek authorities told the AP. Shortly afterward, Greek patrol vessels rescued at least two dinghies trying to reach Greece by sea. Aboard them were more than 50 migrants and refugees, Reuters reported.

A day earlier, many migrants and refugees had taken to social media seeking information about the deal and who it effects, and asking others if they know of smuggling routes that could help them reach western Europe.

Translation:  –What can we do? This is the end of the road.

–The lives and the dreams of Syrians in their homeland and outside of it were taken away. May Allah give them other life.

Translation: Assad is falling and so is humanity.