Migrants Panic As Greece Plans For Deportations

"Allah will save us all," an admin of a Facebook group posted

Children at a makeshift camp at the Greek-Macedonian border. — (REUTERS)
Apr 03, 2016 at 1:11 PM ET

Refugees and migrants are panicking, and looking for ways to immediately flee Greece, ahead of planned deportations to Turkey this week.

Hundreds of Facebook users in groups for refugees and asylum seekers expressed confusion over the anticipated deportations, which are a key part of an EU-Turkey deal stipulating that migrants who don’t apply or qualify for asylum in Greece will be sent back to Turkey.

Many on Facebook sought to know who exactly will be affected by the deal, set to be implemented on Monday. Others asked about smuggling routes that could take them on to western Europe, Vocativ discovered. “Nothing about this agreement is clear,” wrote Abu Alyaman, the admin of a Facebook group for Syrian refugees. “Who is planned to be deported and who is planned to stay. Who is legitimate and who is not legitimate.”

Alyaman wrote in the post on Facebook in response to a slew of questions from refugees asking how the implementation of the agreement could affect them. “Allah will save us all,” he added, in response to their questions.

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The first deportations are expected to affect all nationalities, according to reports, and are set to start on Monday, when as many as 700 people could be deported, a spokesperson for the UN refugee agency told FRANCE 24.

A total of 151,104 migrants and refugees traveled from Turkey to Greece via the Mediterranean Sea in the first three months of 2016, the International Organization for Migration says. Another 18,742 people traveled by sea from North Africa to Italy. In total, that amounts to a stunning 169,846 arrivals in Europe as of March 31—eight times more than during the first three months of last year, the IOM said.

Many of those who arrived in Greece have since traveled on to other countries in Europe. But thousands are stranded in Greece, many of them living in miserable conditions at the closed Greece-Macedonia border, hoping it will eventually open.

The EU-Turkey deal aims to curb the migrant flow into Europe.

Translation: Urgent! Greece closes its borders for refugees and mystery masters the situation.

Translation: Guys does anyone know a way to sneak into Italy from Greece? Routes, smugglers anything.. please let us know.