Al-Qaeda In Yemen Sends Children To Protest U.S. Drone Strikes

Hundreds of men, women and children participated in a march organized by al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen

Children were part of al-Qaeda's protest rally. — REUTERS
Mar 30, 2016 at 1:25 PM ET

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) orchestrated a massive gathering in its southern stronghold in Yemen this week, summoning dozens of children to rally against the U.S. and its drone operations that have killed many of the group’s leaders.

A recent drone strike killed “dozens” of suspected AQAP fighters in a training camp in western Yemen, prompting the mass rally that was meant to be serve as a memorial march for the dead, as well as a protest against U.S. foreign policy. On Tuesday, protesters in the port city of Mukallah held signs accusing the U.S. of attacking only Sunnis and sparing their arch-rivals, the Houthi rebels, who follow a strand of Shiite Islam and are supported by Iran.

Photos from the massive gathering were published on social accounts run by Ansar al-Sharia, another name for the affiliate, determined to demonstrate the group’s strength and considerable following in the region. The White House has called AQAP the most dangerous of all al-Qaeda’s international branches.

Translation: “The march for the martyrs of the American drone strike in the city of Mukallah led by Ansar al-Sharia.”

Translation of boy’s poster: “America bombs the Sunni people.”