Sanders Fans Allege Clinton Trickery Ahead Of Washington Caucus

Hillary Clinton's campaign is accused of sending out letters with misinformation on caucus sites

Hillary Clinton. — REUTERS
Mar 25, 2016 at 6:27 PM ET

Bernie Sanders supporters are accusing Hillary Clinton’s campaign of sending out misinformation to voters in Washington ahead of Saturday’s contests to prevent them from caucusing for Sanders. His supporters have taken to social media to air their concerns, a week after voters in Arizona complained of three hour-plus waiting times to vote in that state’s primary.

Sanders supporter and Washington resident Denise Gibbs posted a letter allegedly sent to her by the Clinton campaign that told her where to caucus and what time to arrive. However, Gibbs claims that the information provided by the letter, which also told her to arrive 30 minutes early, is wrong. “I am assuming she wants me to do that, so I would not have enough time to get to my correct caucus location before doors closed,” she wrote. Gibbs’ post, written on Wednesday, has since been shared over 2,500 times.

A Twitter user posted the letter mentioned in Gibbs’ Facebook post:

One Reddit user relayed a similar story they had heard, writing that the Clinton campaign had apparently told the person to caucus in a city 45 minutes away. The Reddit user also alleged that Clinton was attempting to sow confusion in order to bank off of Sanders voters showing up to incorrect caucus sites on Saturday.

Others are insinuating the Democratic Party is also trying to stack the deck for Clinton in the state. Another Reddit user, posing in the Sanders For President subreddit, wrote that the Democratic Party is preventing them from utilizing more space at a caucus site, which is an issue because the site would be forced to turned people away once capacity is reached. Additionally, the user claims the party and will send police and fire marshals to patrol the location. “This is intentional voter suppression. It’s NOT ok with me,” the user wrote. “Since I’m in charge at my location, I refuse to turn anyone away.”

A representative from the Washington State Democratic Party has denied any wrongdoing on the part of Clinton’s campaign, as the state is still finalizing caucus locations.

“There is nothing malicious going on,” Jamal Raad, the communications director for the party in Washington State, told local news outlet KING-TV. “Caucuses are inherently a somewhat messy process.” The station also quoted a Sanders spokesman saying that he doesn’t believe any foul play is happening.

Meanwhile, in response to Gibbs’ letter, a Clinton campaign aide told Vocativ in an email, “This was an isolated incident of a caucusgoer receiving a letter addressed to another caucusgoer at his mailing address on file.” A representative from the Sanders campaign did not respond to requests for comment.