All The Awful Things Baseball Fans Said About Alex Rodriguez

We went deep and discovered that baseball fans remain quite salty about A-Rod

First-ballot Hall-of-Famer Alex Rodriguez. #goat — Getty Images
Mar 24, 2016 at 1:27 PM ET

Future first-ballot hall of famer and apparent Anne Wojcicki boy toy Alex Rodriguez told ESPN in an interview that he plans to retire after the 2017 season. While he slightly walked that back mere hours after the story broke Wednesday afternoon, it’s clear that at the ripe age of 40, our time with A-Rod the baseball player is nearing its end.

And that’s a shame. Rodriguez is among the most talented players to ever play the game. He’s won three AL MVPs, two Gold Gloves, and a World Series. At 40, he still hits for power, tallying 33 home runs last season. If he can replicate that in 2016, he’ll pass Babe freakin’ Ruth on the all-time home run leaders list.

Given Rodriguez’s lofty achievements, boyish good looks, and amiable personality, Vocativ analyzed Twitter chatter after news broke that A-Rod (might) hang it up (in two years) to see what words fans used to describe this hero of heroes in the fabled game of baseball. We tracked every mention of Alex Rodriguez and counted words used in conjunction with his name. Here are the results:

Oh, right. That whole thing. The steroids thing. Hmmmmm…

Baseball writers and fans are a funny bunch, openly loathing the best to play the sport because of indiscretions committed by virtually every player in the game and condoned by MLB through complicity. Steroids are great when they’re generating added interest in baseball like in 1998, but cause for expulsion when they become a PR headache.

After ESPN’s story broke, fans mocked A-Rod for his apparent desire to have a “retirement tour,” a recent phenomenon ironically pioneered and perfected by baseball’s chosen son Derek Jeter, the JFK to A-Rod’s Nixon. The word “tour” was used 1,241 times in conjunction with A-Rod’s name.

This is no way to talk about an American folk hero of A-Rod’s stature.