Should Tom Hanks Choose The Next Supreme Court Justice?

America says: "Maybe"

Screw it. You be the judge. — (Photo Illustration: Diana Quach)
Mar 10, 2016 at 1:31 PM ET

Would the U.S. be better off if a cartoon mouse was allowed choose the next Supreme Court justice rather than Donald Trump? According to the American public, that ridiculous hypothetical is almost too close to call, so we should just let Tom Hanks decide.

The very real possibility that Donald Trump could secure the presidency and earn the right to nominate Scalia’s replacement has people freaking out. President Barack Obama has already pledged to nominate a Supreme Court justice to succeed Antonin Scalia before his term is over, but many Senate Republicans are set on blocking any appointment by the sitting president.

A new poll from Public Polling Policy shows that people are nearly as comfortable with the idea of Mickey Mouse nominating the next Supreme Court Justice as they are Trump, should he be elected president, with Trump edging out the fictional talking mouse by just four percentage points. Bad! They’re also more comfortable with the idea of quarterback Peyton Manning nominating a justice—despite having faced some ugly allegations about using HGH and sexually assaulting an athletic trainer. Tom Hanks was also deemed a safer pair of hands than Trump (though the jury’s still out on how they’d feel about Forrest Gump making such a decision). Taylor Swift, respondents stated, would be just as trustworthy when it came to making the monumental decision. Will Smith was the only real human celebrity whom Republican respondents said they’d trust less than Donald Trump to pick a new justice, although among Democrats surveyed, he was deemed second most trustworthy.

On the whole, only 31 percent of survey respondents stated that they would trust Donald Trump to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, with the highest levels of disapproval coming from Democrats. Most Democrats and over one quarter of Republicans felt that the vacant seat should be filled this year. Nearly 750 registered voters took part in the survey. While Trump had a hard time measuring up to pop culture figures, even fewer survey respondents felt that Marco Rubio should be trusted to nominate the next justice. Perhaps we can make America great again by putting someone like Donald Duck or a member of Taylor Swift’s Instagram squad on the bench.