Woman Reporter On Blast For Asking Peyton Manning A Question

Apparently, a press conference is not the "time or place" for the press to ask questions

It was all smiles and dandelions until that WOMAN opened her mouth. — (Getty Images)
Mar 07, 2016 at 6:09 PM ET

Peyton Manning held a press conference on Monday to officially announce his retirement from football. While anything is fair game at a press conference, some Manning fans seem to be under the impression that a reporter’s job is to fawn over the subjects they cover. Case in point: When USA Today reporter Lindsay Jones had the audacity to ask Manning a real question, the Manning faithful lost their damn minds.

Fans sent angry and misogynistic tweets to Jones after she asked Manning about the allegation that he committed sexual assault while a student at Tennessee. The allegation resurfaced after the Super Bowl, and given Manning has not been available to the media since his last game, this was the first—and possibly last—chance for the press to ask about the story.

Manning brushed off the questions with a denial, but some of his fans responded with less grace, as Jones’ Twitter handle and name were used 2,574 times beginning shortly after the press conference’s start time all the way until Monday evening:

Completely ignoring the context of the story’s timing, many fans tried to equate Jones’ question with someone asking Kobe Bryant about being accused of sexual assault during his pending retirement press conference:

Others who are overwhelmed with grief over Nancy Reagan’s death also took offense, somehow making the leap that Jones is “classless” and “would” also ask tasteless questions at the former First Lady’s funeral (?):

Jones tweeted that she asked the question because Manning deserved a chance to address the story, which has followed Manning’s name in reports since the Super Bowl. Makes sense. Like Manning, she was able to brush off questions about her question: