Pornhub Aims To Save The Whales

The porn mega-site actually has a history of pointing its users to more charitable endeavors

Blue whale, artwork — Getty Images/Science Photo Libra
Feb 09, 2016 at 3:39 PM ET

Pornhub is launching a new philanthropic campaign aimed, in their words, at “saving a different type of blowhole.” Specifically, those belonging to whales.

Starting Tuesday, the porn giant will donate one cent for every 2,000 video views on their site until the end of the month, in honor of World Whale Day on February 13. All money raised will go to the Moclips Cetological Society, a Washington-based non-profit devoted to protecting whales and other cetacean species, including dolphins and porpoises, through conservation efforts and awareness.

“Humans are not the only mammals that engage in sexual activities for reasons other than procreation,” Ken Balcomb, the president of MCS, said in a statement. “Although our primary goal is to ensure effective conservation for cetacean species, our academic goal is to educate the public about their social and biological lifestyles that readers might find very interesting.”

Pornhub cites a century of commercial whaling and overfishing as the main reasons to step in combat further degradation of the whale population. To register the amount of views and funds being raised, Pornhub set up a “landing page” that directs traffic to the main site through an active tracking counter, as “folks look to blow their loads for a good cause.”

“We’re now asking our community to turn their attention to—and help save—a different type of blowhole, one that belongs to a majestic species that once swelled in numbers throughout the oceans before commercial industries initiated their demise,” Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said in a statement.

Pornhub is no stranger to raising awareness for social issues: Save the Whales follows the company’s Christy Mack collection, a limited edition clothing line designed to fight against domestic violence, as well as Save the Boobs, a breast cancer awareness campaign. The site has also undertaken scholarship awards as well as supported other causes, including testicular cancer awareness endeavors and an Arbor Day campaign.