Viral Video Of Racist Rant Highlights Plight Of Migrants In Sweden

Asylum seekers are circulating a video showing a woman hurling insults at men who appear to be migrants

Children sleep outside the Swedish Migration Board, outside Stockholm. — REUTERS
Feb 09, 2016 at 3:17 PM ET

A video of a woman in Stockholm hurling insults at men who appear to be migrants has gone viral among asylum seekers online. They say the video highlights a growing problem: rising racism against migrants as anti-immigration sentiment swells across Sweden and Europe.

The video was originally posted on the Swedish website Brutalt last Wednesday and features a woman, who says she’s both Swedish and Danish, accusing men from Afghanistan and Iraq of raping Swedish women. Twice, she appears to hit a man who describes himself as Iraqi, and whose face during the incidents is off camera.

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Over the last week, the video has been viewed more than 200,000 times across dozens of Facebook groups popular among asylum seekers, prompting a flood of conversation about dangers migrants face in Sweden and across the E.U., Vocativ found. “More and more people started expressing their dissatisfaction with the asylum seekers policy, however this woman crossed all the red lines when she started slapping the refugees,” the admin of a Facebook page called Arabs in Sweden posted.

Others used the video as an example of why migrants should leave the Europe. “Enough with the humiliation,” wrote a Facebook user from Damascus, saying migrants would be treated with more respect in other countries, like Sudan. Shortly after the video was posted, another video started circulating in the same groups, featuring an Arabic-speaking asylum speaker who calls Sweden a “racist dictatorship” and urges asylum seekers who haven’t yet come to the country to avoid it.

The debate also took a vile turn, with at least dozens calling for sexual violence against the woman.

Warning: the following video contains extreme language.

Translation: “Racist woman attacks two young Iraqi migrants in a train in Stockholm. Source – Brutalt.”

Tensions climbed in Sweden after an asylum seeker allegedly stabbed to death a 22-year-old woman who worked at a center for migrants in late January. Several days after the stabbing, a group of approximately 100 masked men gathered in central Stockholm with the apparent aim of attacking refugee children. A Swedish official has said as many as 80,000 failed asylum seekers face deportation from the country.

An anti-migrant backlash is swelling in other European quarters. A recent poll showed that almost 40 percent of Germans believe the country’s Chancellor Angela Merkel should step down because of how she has handled the refugee crisis, allowing 1.1 million migrants to enter the country last year alone.