The Super Bowl And White (Jersey) Privilege: An Investigation

A team's uniform choice for the Super Bowl can tip the scales

Cam Newton, perhaps telling you to stay woke. (Getty)
Feb 02, 2016 at 12:52 PM ET

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and, as always, it will be a celebration of football, America, and whiteness. Specifically, how whiteness stands to benefit the Denver Broncos, who will be wearing their white uniforms for the Super Bowl.

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As it turns out, white privilege is real and extends even to something as mundane as Super Bowl uniform choices. To that end, we present the results of a Vocativ investigation into the effect wearing a white uniform has on a team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl.

Over the past 49 Super Bowls, we can clearly see how white privilege manifests in an arena we never expected to find it in.

As for Super Bowl 50, the Denver Broncos’ decision to wear white means the Carolina Panthers will don their black uniforms. You can make your own assumptions about what that means, but know that when it comes to the Broncos, certain shall we say “biases” made themselves known over the course of our very serious data collection process.

As always, the takeaway here is to stay woke, friends. Stay woke.