Very Good Soccer Dog Better At Soccer Than MLS Players

Unlike a MLS player, you care about this very good soccer dog

"Why am I so bad at soccer?" — Getty Images
Jan 20, 2016 at 10:38 AM ET

Talent, ball skills, determination, the ability to play soccer well—these are all skills that most American MLS players lack but that the very good soccer dog you see below has in spades. The dog, spotted by a news crew on a Rio de Janeiro beach enjoying the company of friends (which this very good soccer dog has because it’s not a MLS player), gets through at least four rounds of keepie uppie. Keep in mind that the MLS record for rounds of keepie uppie is 2, set by 2005 league MVP Taylor Twellman (who you’ve definitely never heard of).

Anyway, let’s keep the focus on the very good soccer dog and not the endless list of anonymous MLS players you’ve never heard of. Here at Vocativ we’re wondering what the very good soccer dog is up to right now, besides being much better at soccer than 2012 MLS MVP Chris Wondolowski. Hopefully, the very good soccer dog is enjoying some treats and a nice belly rub. Any dog that is so obviously better at soccer than every American to ever play in MLS deserves that much.