People Ponder What Life Would Be Like #IfTwitterWasntAThing

"I'd have never found myself again the way I have thanks to the positivity of so many wonderful people."

Jan 17, 2016 at 3:09 PM ET

In a change of events on a social media platform that many often use to vent, tens of thousands of people took to Twitter on Sunday to express gratitude for the microblogging service and the communities they’ve gotten to know through it.  #IfTwitterWasntAThing trended with over 70,000 tweets by Sunday afternoon, most of them by Twitter users voicing thanks for 140-character tweets that have allowed them to connect with people around the world who would’ve otherwise remained strangers.

It seems the hashtag was started on Saturday then took off early on Sunday with some surprisingly touching tweets. There were, of course, people saying that if Twitter had never existed, their lives would’ve panned out for the better: They would have been A+ students, been more productive and had a hobby—not to mention a longer attention span.

But there were just as many tweets—if not more—by people who said they wouldn’t have found some of their closest friends or felt appreciated without the social platform.

Twitter allows users to access thousands of communities ranging from political movements like Black Twitter to fan fiction organizations.

One tweet declaring the difference between Twitter and Facebook was widely shared, with many celebrating the connections the social media site makes possible.