Did The Baseball Hall Of Fame Webmaster Accidentally Reveal Who’s In?

Prior to announcing its inductees, the Hall of Fame's website featured links to web pages for Ken Griffey Jr, Mike Piazza and more

Possible whoopsie — © Reuters Photographer / Reuter
Jan 06, 2016 at 4:46 PM ET

Acting off this tweet sent out by Twitter user @williamnyy23, Vocativ has verified that, as of this writing, there are locked pages on the Baseball Hall of Fame website for Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Piazza, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Trevor Hoffman and Tim Raines. No other player on the 2016 ballot has a locked page on the Hall’s website as of this writing.

Initially, only Griffey Jr. and Piazza had locked pages. The additional pages appeared only after @williamnny23 posted screenshots of the locked pages for Griffey Jr. and Piazza. While this is not definitive proof that any of these players have been voted into the Hall, it does raise the question of why the Hall website’s webmaster would bother creating pages for players who won’t be inducted and then added more locked pages only after @williamnyy23 discovered the locked pages for Griffey Jr. and Piazza, the two odds-on favorites for induction. A message left with the Baseball Hall of Fame seeking comment has not yet been returned. Either way, it’s all pretty funny. Here are some screenshots:

Vocativ reached out to the Baseball Hall of Fame for comment. We have yet to hear back.