Most People Tweeting About Last Year Say: 2015 Was Trying To Kill Me

Good riddance, 2015

Jan 01, 2016 at 10:46 AM ET

It’s not just you. Tens of thousands of people have had a really crappy year.

Vocativ searched for every tweet posted between December 21 and December 31 that included the phrase “2015 was.” Our analysis turned up 300,000 tweets, and by far the most-used phrase, which was tweeted 42,647 times was “2015 was trying to kill me.”

The second most-used phrase was “2015 was crazy”, which was tweeted 6,284 times. Even fewer people looked back on the year with optimism: 5,875 tweets included the phrase “2015 was a year of lessons” and 3,200 tweets included “2015 was the best year.”

For the most part, the Twitter chorus is ready for the new year. Should 2015 be forgot and never brought to mind.