This Is The Most Streamed Beatles Song

Sixteen Beatles songs have been streamed more than 1 million times in 3 days

Dec 27, 2015 at 12:41 PM ET

While “Here Comes The Sun” was the breakout hit of 2010 when the Beatles made their music available for download on iTunes, Spotify users chose a distinctly more celebratory single for their top streaming since Thursday: “Come Together.”

John Lennon’s self-described “funky, bluesy” hit ranked top 39th most streamed in the world on Christmas Eve and amassed 2.2 million streams globally from Dec. 24-26, according to Vocativ’s calculations using Spotify’s public streaming data. Liverpool’s most famous band released its discography for streaming on nine services on 12:01 local time on Christmas Eve to a huge social media response.

“Come Together” hit nearly a million streams on just its first day of streaming. While that’s impressive for a song recorded 46 years ago, it must be noted that Justin Bieber’s breakthrough dance hit “Sorry” garnered more than triple the number of streams on the same day, according to Spotify streaming data.

Paul McCartney’s anthem “Let It Be” won the second highest number of streams in the same time frame–1.8 million. “Hey Jude” came in third, “Love Me Do” won fourth and “Yesterday” received fifth place, in terms of total streams.

The Beatles won 25 songs in the top 200 streamed on Spotify globally on Christmas Eve. Sixteen songs had 1 million streams to their names by December 26, according to Vocativ’s calculations. Those songs included, “Here Comes The Sun,” “All You Need Is Love,” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”