Hillary’s Late Entrance Steals The Show At Democratic Debate

Clinton almost missed the second half of the New Hampshire showdown

(Reuters) — REUTERS
Dec 19, 2015 at 10:37 PM ET

Hillary Clinton rolled on stage about a minute after the start of the second half of the Democratic debate on Saturday night, looking unfazed and unruffled. It was the most discussed moment of the night and a sign of confidence from the candidate already deemed the winner by pundits.

When the cameras started rolling after the first commercial break, the center podium was empty. About a minute later, Hillary Clinton walked out, interrupting the moderator mid-question with a not-that-sheepish “Sorry!” that drew a big laugh. In the last debate, Clinton joked that it took her longer to pee than her male competitors, and the good folks of Twitter were quick to make the comparison again.

Many also commented on how odd it was that ABC News, which aired the debate, chose to start things up without one of just three candidates on stage. 

Clinton met Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley in New Hampshire Saturday for the third Democratic debate. It was the most heated of the meet-ups so far, with candidates calling each other out by name, and moderators pushing to highlight policy differences between the three Democrats. Each candidate had stand-out moments and there were no clear gaffes, but as pundits were quick to point out, a good night for everyone is ultimately a win for Hillary Clinton. Clinton maintains an overwhelming lead over the rest of the pack: a recent national PPP poll found 58 percent of voters support Clinton, double Sanders at 28 percent—with Martin O’Malley way back with just nine.

Later, ABC News moderator David Muir asked Clinton if corporate America should love her, and she quipped “Everybody should!” to another of the night’s biggest laughs.