Instagrams Of Beijing’s Smog Are A Glimpse Into Our Future Hell-World

Chinese citizens share their day-to-day lives under one of the most serious pollution warnings ever issued

Dec 08, 2015 at 1:29 PM ET

Heading to Beijing soon? Pack your gas mask. The Chinese capital has been on Red Alert since Monday, after dangerous levels of pollution have covered the city in a foul layer of that infamous Beijing smog.

Locals and visitors have taken to social media in an effort to raise awareness for just how hazardous conditions truly are. #Airpocalypse has emerged as one of the most popular hashtags, followed by #BeijingSmog and #BeijingPollution. While this incident might seem isolated, these images present a haunting glimpse into what Los Angeles, Singapore and New Delhi may experience if carbon emissions continue to flow into the atmosphere.

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