Explosion On Bus Carrying Tunisian Presidential Guard Kills 12

The Tunisian government is calling it an act of terrorism, says at least 16 others are wounded

Nov 24, 2015 at 1:46 PM ET

Authorities in Tunisia are blaming terrorists for an explosion on a bus that was ferrying presidential guards, killing 12 people so far and wounding at least 16 others. While it wasn’t immediately clear what caused the explosion, the incident took place ten days after security levels in the capital were raised and the government deployed more security forces into the streets.

Tunisian Interior Ministry spokesman Walid Louguini told The Associated Press the explosion was a “terrorist act.”

Tunisia has been on a heightened terrorism alert for months following two major attacks this year. In June, a gunman killed 38 people at a beach hotel and in March, gunmen killed 21 tourists in the Bardo Museum in Tunis. ISIS claimed responsibility for both attacks. The country has become a hotbed of potential Islamist terrorism after it controlled the outflow of fighters who wanted to make their way to Iraq and Syria to fight with ISIS.

ISIS supporters online were quick to praise the operation and post images from the scene:

Translation: We congratulate the Tunis Province on this operation.

Translation: “The explosion in the capital of Tunis targeting the presidential guard. #IslamicState #Tunis #TunisianProvince”