ISIS Loyalists Gloat Over Paris Attacks With “Paris On Fire” Memes

ISIS supporters published more than a dozen photoshopped images depicting scenes of destruction and vowing more bloodshed

Nov 15, 2015 at 2:46 PM ET

Just moments after the first horrifying details emerged of the deadly terror attacks in Paris, ISIS adherents began celebrating across social media. Now, as the world continues to grieve with France, extremists aligned with the Islamic State are gloating by creating a series of violent and disturbing memes, which Vocativ discovered using our deep web technology.

More French Brothers, ISIS Fighter ID’d In Paris Attacks

Jihadi sympathizers flooded Twitter and ISIS-affiliated forums Sunday with more than a dozen photoshopped images that depict the Eiffel Tower engulfed in flames and ISIS militants towering over scenes of mayhem and destruction. Vile messages accompany each of the sensational pictures.

The memes appeared online as a manhunt unfurled across Europe for one of the suspected assailants, who authorities believe fled Paris Friday night after taking part in a coordinated series of attacks that left at least 129 dead and hundreds more wounded.

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Translation:  We will set Paris on fire for your killing of Muslims in every place

Translation: Hollande, the dog of Franks, taste our revenge and punishment

Translation: There shall be the battles in the heart of your homes

Translation: We will not live in comfort until we live in reality, and until you remove your hands from the blood of Muslims

Translation: Paris burns, and the Islamic State develops