Kurds Celebrate Victory Over ISIS With Cartoons, Tweets

ISIS supporters, meanwhile, vowed the terrorist organization would return

A cartoon showing Kurd whipping an ISIS man (Twitter)
Nov 13, 2015 at 12:12 PM ET

Kurds in Iraq were celebrating Friday following a campaign in which Kurdish Peshmerga forces, backed by U.S. air strikes, defeated ISIS in and took control of the Northern Iraqi town of Sinjar.

“ISIS defeated and on the run,” trumpeted the official Twitter account of the Kurdistan regional security council after the Kurds managed to seize strategic facilities in Sinjar. Masoud Barzani, the president of the Kurdistan region in Iraq, held a press conference near the town, on top of Mount Sinjar, the mountain on which thousands of civilians were trapped by ISIS this summer. “Sinjar is liberated by #peshmerga,” Barzani declared on Twitter. “I warmly thank the US and other coalition countries for their air strikes in support of the #peshmerga forces to liberate #Sinjar.”

Kurds on social media posted videos and images of Kurdish fighters posing with what were purportedly dead bodies of ISIS members. A local Kurdish news page uploaded video showing what was said to be a Saudi militant with ISIS who was captured by the Peshmerga inside the city with his wife. “God will bless our lions from the Peshmerga who terminated the existence of ISIS cancer tumor in Sinjar,”  wrote a Kurdish Twitter account.   

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So far ISIS has not yet officially responded to the events on Sinjar, and accounts of the group’s supporters, while generally active, have not mentioned the battle. Some ISIS members on Twitter emphasized the American and coalition role in helping the Kurds.” One supporter wrote that “everybody knows that when ISIS is withdrawing from a place, it will return back and exterminate all of them. We will be back Sinjar”.

ISIS’ loss in Sinjar is just one of several setbacks the terror group has suffered over the past week. Syria and Russia scored a significant victory against ISIS in Northern Syria on Monday and on Thursday the man known as “Jihadi John,” who had been a public face for ISIS as an executioner shown in several beheading videos, was reportedly killed in a U.S. airstrike.