Texas Fans Mourn The Death Of Bevo, Their Beloved 1,800-Pound Mascot

After losing a battle to leukemia, University of Texas students pay tribute to passing team mascot.

Nov 09, 2015 at 7:22 PM ET

In early October, Bevo XIV was diagnosed with leukemia. Just a few days later, on October 16, he passed away in his sleep. The 13-year-old Texas longhorn steer was the beloved mascot for the athletic programs at the University of Texas Austin, and his passing left a giant, horned hole in the hearts of the school community.

More than a month after the lumbering longhorn’s sudden departure, grieving for the mascot on social media continues. Vocativ used our technology to collect geo-tagged posts from the Texas campus to see how students were reacting to the death of Bevo. We found a wave of messages and condolences on Instagram that suggest the steer may have been the most famous mascot in the United States, and perhaps also the most beloved.

Here’s a sampling of what the bereaved Texans are saying.

BEVO #ripbevoxiv @utexasspirit @bevo_xiv #longhornfootball

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In memoriam. BEVO XIV we will never forget you! #hookemhorns #BEVOXIV

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Miss you, big guy. #ripbevo #hookem #bevoxiv

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