Mizzou Athletes Celebrate President’s Resignation

After Tim Wolfe stepped down as president, football players took to Twitter to celebrate

Nov 09, 2015 at 2:43 PM ET

Tim Wolfe stepped down as president of the University of Missouri on Monday amid heated calls for his resignation. “The frustration and anger I see is real and I don’t doubt it for a second,” he said in a surprise announcement, “I take full responsibility for what has occurred.” Wolfe says he hopes his departure can defuse growing tensions and let the community “heal and start talking again.”

Student anger over a string of racist incidents at the Columbia, Missouri campus has been intensifying for weeks, but the precipitating incident came this weekend, when a group of roughly 30 black football players said they’d stop playing until Wolfe resigned. On Sunday, Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel came out in support of his players, writing “The Mizzou Family stands as one. We are united. We are behind our players.” in a tweet.

Here’s a sampling of what the players are saying: