A Brief History Of ISIS In The Sinai Peninsula

The history of the jihadist group in northern Sinai which claims to have felled the Metrojet passenger jet

Nov 04, 2015 at 4:53 PM ET

On Wednesday morning, days after a Russian Metrojet flight crashed over Egypt, killing 224, an ISIS affiliate bragged online that it was behind the tragedy. Hours later, U.S. and British officials voiced suspicions that the claim might be accurate, according to several reports.

If the intelligence turns out to be right, it would the deadliest attack by far from the new Sinai-based offshoot of the extremist group.

More ISIS Provides First “Proof” It Was Behind The Metrojet Plane Crash

The group came together in 2011 in the Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula near the Israeli border, and its terrorist activity has been intensifying ever since. Here’s a brief history of the terror cell.