NYC Runners Burned Enough Energy To Light The Empire State Building

Every marathoner on Sunday burned 3,166 calories on average

New York City Marathon. — Getty Images
Nov 01, 2015 at 7:15 PM ET

The more than 50,000 runners who ran the New York City Marathon on Sunday expended enough collective energy to light the Empire State Building, Vocativ calculated.

The average weight of a NYC marathon participant, according to our calculation, is approximately 159 lbs. A marathoner of that weight burns 3,166 calories on average when running the 26.2-mile race, according to the Runner’s World calories calculator. Basically, that means a runner will burn 805 Watts worth of power at any moment during the run — amounting to a total of roughly 4 million 10-Watt light bulbs worth of energy among the 50,000 participants.

That’s well over the amount of bulbs in the Empire State Building: 3,194,547.

Marathon runners didn’t just expend the equivalent of the Empire State Building’s light if they ran the race over a period of four hours and 34 minutes. The equivalent of almost two large pizza pies, more than 13 hot dogs or almost seven frappuccinos were burned in calories, on average.