Meet Creepypasta, The Fan Fiction World That Brought You Slender Man

For this community of Internet storytellers, it's always Halloween

Oct 26, 2015 at 2:39 PM ET

While Americans gorge on candy and try on sexy Donald Trump costumes for yet another season of spooks, there’s one online community for whom it’s always Halloween. A growing subculture of Internet dwellers keen on becoming the next Stephen King have been creating terrifying fictional characters and horrifying viral stories for almost a decade.

Fans of Creepypasta, the community named after a term that lends itself back to the early days of web writing, have gathered on sites and forums such as 4chan and Reddit to co-author and share scary, even nightmarish, original stories and fan fiction — one of which even influenced young readers into alleged violence.

Here’s the brief history of one of the the most frightening, and fun, groups of storytellers on the Internet.