How Hillary Is Taking Back The Internet

#HillYes is outdoing #FeelTheBern after a string of events gave her campaign a boost

Hillary Clinton and Katy Perry in Iowa on October 24 — REUTERS
Oct 25, 2015 at 1:23 PM ET

Hillary Clinton took the Internet advantage back from Bernie Sanders this week, throwing tough hashtag competition and Katy Perry into the race.

After a strong performance at the first Democratic primary debate and good buzz from Thursday’s Benghazi hearing, the former Secretary of State’s hashtag, #HillYes, skyrocketed as supporters used it overwhelmingly at the Democratic fundraiser in Iowa over the weekend:

The hashtag was posted so many times that it surpassed Sanders’ #FeelTheBern by Sunday.

One could argue there’s another way Clinton won Twitter over the weekend. More tweets posted the fundraiser hashtag #IDPJJ with “Hillary” than with “Bernie” since Saturday — 7,110 and 4,633 times respectively by Sunday morning, according to the social media analytics tool Topsy.

It wasn’t only on Twitter where Clinton thrived. “Hillary” garnered more Google searches than “Bernie” during Saturday’s fundraiser, as did singer and Clinton supporter “Katy Perry,” who appeared at the weekend fundraiser.

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The Internet has been on Sanders’ side for most of the 2016 presidential campaign. He dominated Twitter during the first Democratic debate on October 13. He’s had almost twice as many hits to his website as Clinton over the last six months, a Vocativ analysis found. And Reddit embraced him as its darling: /r/SandersForPresident has more than 128,000 subscribers (although Reddit recently turned against him.)

Now, Clinton is creeping ahead on the web. The Democratic front-runner also saw a spike in Google searches after a hiccup-less performance at the Benghazi hearing on October 22, and has been riding that wave on Google ever since.