Trolls Pounce On Clinton With Mean Tweets During Benghazi Hearing

The Internet masses and the public in general are watching Clinton's every move during her eighth hearing on Benghazi

Oct 22, 2015 at 12:44 PM ET

In the hour and a half since Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearing started on Thursday, the Internet wasted no time in calling her out for what critics are saying is a security lapse and cover-up over the 2012 attack that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

Vocativ analyzed the Twitter conversation during the first 90 minutes of the hearing, and so far, over 400 tweets associated with Clinton’s name include the word “bitch” or “bitchy.” The word “liar” including “lies,” “lying” and the word “traitor” were used around 4,000 times in the firehose of Clinton tweets on Thursday.

At the time of publication, there were over 100,000 tweets about Clinton and the hashtag #BenghaziCommittee has been trending all morning leading up to the highly-anticipated hearing.

This is Clinton’s eighth congressional hearing over the attack and her first as a presidential candidate. The Internet masses and the public in general are watching her every move, and her campaign and super PAC have braced themselves for a gamut of attacks by releasing videos that tout her diplomatic accomplishments, according to a New York Times report. Clinton laid low this week to prepare for the hearings, as she’ll likely be judged on her ability to remain calm after she lost her cool at the last hearing with the “What difference does it make?” outburst, which her critics quickly pounced on.