ISIS Supporters Reject Claims That Airstrike Hit Leader’s Convoy

They slammed the reports as "lies"

Oct 11, 2015 at 4:03 PM ET

Islamic State supporters rejected claims that their leader’s convoy was hit in an airstrike.

Iraq’s military has said its air force struck a convoy that included ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while he was on his way to meet senior other ISIS leaders, but that his fate was unknown, according to CNN. Iraq said its military also hit the meeting the convoy was trying to reach in a western Iraqi town. Eight senior ISIS figures died in the latter strike, but it didn’t appear that al-Baghdadi was among them, Reuters reported, citing hospital sources and town residents.

A prominent ISIS forum was overwhelmed with refusals to accept reports that al-Baghdadi was hit. It was also flooded with accusations: Islamic State sympathizers slammed the claims as flat-out lies. “I’m trying to remember the correct number for how many times the Caliph Baghdadi was declared dead and he wasn’t in fact dead,” one user posted.

An image circulating on Twitter and posted by a Hezbollah-affiliated account on Sunday claimed to show the “first picture” from the attack on the convoy. But it was quickly pronounced a month old by ISIS supporters.

It’s not unusual for ISIS supporters to deny claims of their leaders being hit or killed. The Islamic State has not released an official statement.