Meet Homo Naledi: Your Newest Human Ancestor

Thousands of bones and teeth buried in an underground cave suggest that Homo naledi is a new human species

Meet your new ancestor: Homo naledi — REUTERS
Sep 10, 2015 at 12:24 PM ET

Scientists have discovered a new human species called Homo nalediaccording to a paper published in the journal eLIFE.

Homo naledi, an early human with a relatively small brain but modern teeth and upright posture, was initially discovered in an underground cave system back in 2013, buried amongst thousands of human and animal bones. Although the remains included a strictly non-Homo pelvis, the scientists reported that Homo naledi‘s skull, teeth, hands and feet bore striking resemblances to those of modern humans. Researchers concluded that Homo naledi was a new species within the Homo genus—a rare addition to the specific line that gave rise to Alexander the Great, Albert Einstein and, yes, Donald Trump.

Here’s a look at the (now revised) early human timeline: