Man Accused Of Being Possible Ashley Madison Hacker Barks Back

The man Krebs on Security theorized was behind the hack, "Thadeus Zu," tweeted that people were "eyeballing the wrong dude"

Aug 27, 2015 at 11:01 AM ET

Thadeus Zu,” the Twitter account that security expert Brian Krebs has said may be behind the Ashley Madison hack, barked back on Twitter, saying Krebs was “eyeballing the wrong dude.”

On his blog Wednesday, Krebs introduced several pieces of evidence that he said supported this theory. He downloaded Zu’s hundreds of tweets and found a tweet that had a screencap of his computer that had a tab open to the AC/DC tune “Thunderstruck.” That song was the one Toronto police said had accompanied the threatening message sent to employees of Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media, when they first learned of the breach on July 12. Krebs also found that Zu beat every press outlet by 24 hours with his post linking to the announcement of the hack by a group named Impact Team. The announcement linked to the Ashley Madison hacked user database. 

Krebs wrote on his blog,, “Krebs on Security,” that Zu hadn’t responded to his invitations to engage privately. He added that Zu may not be directly involved in the hack, but instead could be a security researcher or confidential informant “who has infiltrated the Impact Team and is merely riding on their coattails or acting as their mouthpiece.” Krebs strongly believes Zu at least knows who was responsible for the hack. 

Zu responded in several angry tweets Thursday that he wasn’t responsible for the hack and threatened to stage a DDoS attack on Krebs.

Zu wrote an hour later that he would be off Twitter for a day because of “psychological damage.”