Trump-Kelly Feud Splits Conservatives

Donald Trump's Twitter record indicates his dispute with Megyn Kelly isn't stopping anytime soon

Presidential candidate Donald Trump greets a crowd in Iowa. — REUTERS
Aug 26, 2015 at 8:30 AM ET

Conservatives are divided as they throw their support behind one of two rivals: presidential candidate Donald Trump or Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, a Vocativ analysis shows.

The two are engaged in an ongoing dispute that started with the Republican primary debate in early August. Moderating the showdown, Kelly asked Trump about his insulting statements on women, leading Trump to state in a subsequent interview that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” during the questioning. Trump refused to back down despite widespread condemnation.

Now, the feud is escalating after Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of tweets on Tuesday targeting the television anchor, splitting conservatives.

A slew of comments on leading conservative pages and news websites defend Donald Trump’s actions as appropriate. The largest Tea Party page, meanwhile, openly backs him, using memes in an attempt to discredit Kelly.

Others, though, are frustrated with the real estate mogul. On the major conservative Facebook page IJ America, someone said: “If Donald Trump really wants the position of President, he really needs to grow up and get control of his conversation, otherwise he will never make it.” On another page, titled “Being Conservative,” some were surprised at any sentiment indicating support for the presidential contender. “For a page named ‘Being Conservative’ I am perplexed at how pro-Trump you guys seem to be,” one wrote.

On Trump’s own Twitter account, numerous self-described conservatives lashed out at him over a comment he made Tuesday: Trump called Kelly a bimbo. “Put a sock in it,” someone posted. “Kelly is no more a bimbo than your own wife. Stop acting like an a$$hat.”

Trump’s Twitter record over the last few months indicates his dispute with Kelly and Fox News isn’t stopping anytime soon: Trump has mentioned Kelly on the social media site a whopping 67 times. He threw Fox News and its morning show “Fox & Friends” another 142 mentions.