Donald Trump Has The Pickup Artist Vote In The Bag

The so-called “manosphere” is embracing Trump as a role model on how to treat women

Aug 24, 2015 at 4:10 PM ET

What Donald Trump lacks in female supporters he makes up for in the legions of men’s rights fanboys from the darkest corners of the Internet.

The so-called “manosphere” is celebrating Trump as a role model for how to treat the opposite sex. Pickup artists blogs and men’s rights communities like The Red Pill have performed giddy exegeses of Trump’s recent run-ins with Fox News star Megyn Kelly and supermodel Heidi Klum, noting the way he insults and dominates women, preys on their insecurities and refuses to ever apologize for it. This, they say, is how to be a real “alpha.”

The Red Pill blog Alpha Game treats Trump’s controversial remarks about Klum “no longer [being] a 10” as an artful example of the “neg,” a pickup strategy in which a man teases a woman with the aim of seducing her. It’s the grown-up equivalent of pulling on a girl’s pigtails for her affection.

“That, gentlemen, is how it is done,” the post reads. “Identify the insecurity and casually press.” The blogger highlights Klum’s reaction in the press to Trump’s diss and says, “You know you’ve hit the nerve when their reaction spans days. The alpha does not qualify himself to women, ever. He expects women to qualify themselves to him.”

Trump’s dust-up with Kelly has been similarly praised. In a post celebrating Trump’s hostile exchange with Kelly during the Republican presidential debate, Reddit user MajorMid comments: “Donald is alpha as fuck. So great to watch him in all of this. Definitely a lot you can learn from him.” In another Red Pill thread, Trump is once again pointed to as an alpha idol: “i think the lesson we should try to learn here is his refusal to succumb to an apology if he doesn’t think it fit to do so.”

Even before Trump announced his candidacy, anti-feminist blogs were using him as an example for how to become an alpha—and his campaign has only provided more fodder. In the past 30 days, over 500 tweets directed at Trump’s official Twitter handle, many of them from the men’s rights community, have used the word “alpha,” most of them glowingly, according to a Vocativ analysis. The pickup artist blog Chateau Heartiste, which often compares Trump to other “beta” candidates, recently anointed him as “Alpha of the Month” and praised him for “upgrading” to his third wife.

The blogger wrote, “If Trump is President, no one will have to humiliate himself pretending that a First Gorilla is a highly fuckable beauty…Isn’t it about time the Presidency was occupied by an alpha male worthy of the office?”

Chateau Heartiste provides an in-depth analysis of how to apply Trump’s rhetorical stylings to picking up chicks, enthusing, “Now, if you can become president using game, imagine how much game could help you clean up with women!” In a comment on that post, a reader writes, “NEVER BACK DOWN IN A FIGHT. Hold your ground. She’ll throw h3ll and high-water at you, but secretly your steadfastness is making her gush between her legs. The makeup sex will be as good as any you’ve ever had. And The Donald. Does. Not. Back. Down.” Another commenter adds, “Game reacquaints a man with his natural aggressive urge and proves it through victories over the opposite sex. … Trump is doing exactly that.”

The manosphere has also embraced Trump’s recent steamrolling of NBC reporter Katy Tur. Last month, the Facebook group The Red Pill Philosophy published a video titled, “Donald Trump Dishes Out Gender Equality – Intellectually Rapes Female Reporter.” The clip—which opens with a redefinition of the word “misogynist” as “a person who tells a woman the truth”—shows Trump belittling and interrupting Tur. The video received more “likes” and shares than any of the page’s previous videos.