Most Ashley Madison Adulterers Live In This City

São Paulo, Brazil, has more Ashley Madison users than any city in the world, but Brazilians don't seem all that concerned about the data leak

Aug 19, 2015 at 11:42 PM ET

Hackers have released account information for 32 million Ashley Madison users, and people all over the world are freaking out—that is, everywhere but the city with the most Ashley Madison account holders.

São Paulo, Brazil, has nearly 375,000 users, based on the customer data leaked by hackers. That’s 100,000 more users than New York, the second-ranking city. But despite the fact that the privacy of three percent of its population has been breached, virtually no one in São Paulo seems to be alarmed.

A Vocativ search of Twitter accounts in São Paulo showed virtually no discussion of the event aside from a few tweets sharing the news.Contrast that with the feverish reaction elsewhere. When Ashley Madison shared a statement about the hack on their Facebook page, Facebook users posted vicious responses showing their lack of sympathy for the “sluts and dogs” and “scum of the Earth” who use the site.

The Twitter chatter in the U.S. has been similarly impassioned. #AshleyMadisonHack was trending Wednesday morning in the U.S. as people fretted about their spouses and shared thoughts on security and infidelity. But in São Paulo and throughout Brazil, the response to the data leak has been a resounding “Eh.”

Meanwhile, the official Brazil page for Ashley Madison hasn’t seen any activity since March. As for an unofficial private group for “Ashley Madison Brasil” there is one post. User Carlos Santanna asked his fellow group members if they’d heard about the leak. The two responders don’t seem to care much. Santanna and one responder laugh. (“Rssss” and “Rsrs” are the Portuguese equivalent of “lol.”)

Brazil has been a major focus for Ashley Madison. The site registered one million users within the first 10 months of its Brazilian launch, and in 2014 Ashley Madison made a $4 million bid to name the Brazil World Cup stadium “Ashley Madison Arena.”