AQAP Calls For Lone Wolf Attacks In New Video

An Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula senior leader praised attacks in the U.S.

Aug 04, 2015 at 11:33 AM ET

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released a video Tuesday calling on Muslims worldwide to carry out lone wolf attacks—particularly in the U.S.—and celebrated those who had already carried out individual acts of violence.

“Lone wolves have proven and will always prove to be a strategic weapon,” AQAP official Khalid Batrafi said in the nearly 10-minute video published by the group’s media wing. Batrafi, who escaped from a prison in southern Yemen in April, praised past attackers including Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez—who killed four Marines and a Navy sailor last month in Tennessee’s Chattanooga—and the gunmen who killed 12 people in the 2014 Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo.

It’s the first reference by an extremist group to the killings. There has been no claim of responsibility from either ISIS militants or al-Qaida regarding the Chattanooga shooting attack.

Charlie Hebdo’s editor said this month that the French satirical magazine will no longer publish cartoons  of the Prophet Mohammed. “If you return, we will return,” Batrafi said in the video.