Revamped Twitter Homepage Goes Mostly Unnoticed

What new homepage?

Twitter users have no idea theres a homepage — REUTERS
Jul 31, 2015 at 1:36 PM ET

We finally got to view the revamped Twitter homepage today, and the reactions from users so far have been…anticlimactic, at best.

The redesign came about after Twitter deemed their own homepage “too confusing” and felt it didn’t promote the purpose of its product clearly. The social media platform is hoping to reel in the 125 million unregistered users who visit directly; total registered and unregistered visitors to for the last 30-day period tally up to 1,546,000,000, which is low, comparatively, to the 19,970,000,000 users who visit Along with adding interest categories and tweets-in-real-time to the homepage, registered users will see cosmetic changes such as a “blinding-white” background replacing what once was a custom-image template.

Tweets from users seem to acknowledge the various modifications within the product itself, but did not realize this had been a planned redesign. With over 80 percent of monthly active users accessing their accounts via mobile, it’s possible that the new ideology of the homepage will go relatively unnoticed. Users who remain logged in to Twitter on their desktop, or use the platform through a third-party client (like TweetDeck or HootSuite), are also not likely to recognize the change.