Women in Tech Talk #RealDiversityNumbers on Twitter

Erica Baker isn't done talking about workplace diversity

Google conference in San Francisco. June 26, 2014 — REUTERS
Jul 21, 2015 at 10:26 AM ET

Ex-Google employee Erica Baker made headlines last week for tweeting that Google employees shared their salaries in a spreadsheet—and that company management got mad about it. On Tuesday, Baker launched a wider conversation about gender equality and diversity issues related to the workplace.

Through a Twitter campaign, Baker is crowd-sourcing solutions for Silicon Valley’s diversity problem with the hashtag #RealDiversityNumbers.

The campaign is still relatively small. Around 500 tweets in the first seven hours used the hashtag. But the growing discussion is prompting a slew of users to pose smart questions aimed at helping tech companies look beyond abstract quotas. Everyone from transgender programmers to black entrepreneurs are chiming in, offering ideas that could help companies promote diversity and equality.