Women’s World Cup: How Much Confetti Does It Take To Celebrate?

The first ever ticker tape parade for a women's sports team will shower Carli Lloyd and teammates will praise

A worker for the Downtown Alliance load confetti into bags — REUTERS
Jul 09, 2015 at 6:26 PM ET

A flurry of confetti will flutter around the U.S. women’s soccer team on Friday when the city of New York hosts the first ever ticker tape parade for a women’s sports team. The $2 million parade will see around 6,000 pounds of confetti thrown down Carlie Lloyd and her teammates to celebrate their 5-2 FIFA Women’s World Cup win against Japan.

The city has been hosting ticker tape parades since October 1886, when Wall Street bankers threw the tiny scraps of papers out their windows during the Statue of Liberty’s big unveiling. The supply came from ticker tape machines used to report stock market information and were replaced with digital stock tickers in the 1970s. These days revelers use confetti instead. Friday’s event might make use of around 120 cubic yards of confetti, enough to fill the entire statue, which stands, from ground to torch, at 305 feet.

Participants along the parade route will toss in the air about 80 cubic yards or two tons of colored confetti, and another 40 cubic yards are being sent to buildings, which spectators are invited to drop from above on Broadway between Lower and Midtown Manhattan. Much of this is provided by Brooklyn-based packaging company Atlas Materials, and a neighborhood business association, the Downtown Alliance.

The parade will last just a few hours, but the clean-up could take weeks: Like the New York Giants parade, which also cost $2 million, it will take a team of more than 100 sanitation workers over three weeks to clean up the last of the confetti, some of which gets stuck on balconies and outcroppings. Taxpayers are footing about three quarters of the $2 million bill for Friday’s parade, as corporate sponsors Major League Soccer and Electronic Arts have agreed to put down just $450,000 between them. The total price tag covers security, personnel and cleanup costs, as well as float decorations.


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