Hey Moms, Here’s Why You Don’t Have Any Free Time

A sobering fact for Mother's Day: dads spend 42 minutes more every day on leisure than moms

May 08, 2015 at 4:48 PM ET

Married fathers on average spend almost an hour more per day on leisure and sports than their female counterparts.

Specifically, full-time employed fathers who are married spend 42 minutes more than full-time working mothers on activities such as watching TV, socializing and playing video games. Things don’t get any more equal for the unemployed: the average unemployed married dad spends 126 minutes more on leisure activities than unemployed married moms, according to the American Time Use survey compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To give the men some credit, employed married men do spend more time at work than women do. On the other hand, though, an average day, 49 percent of all women did housework such as cooking or cleaning, compared to 19 percent of men.

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