For $10, You Can Buy Tim Tebow Jersey Insurance

A Pennsylvania sporting goods chain is offering Eagles fans some peace of mind if they buy a Tim Tebow jersey.

May 04, 2015 at 12:23 PM ET

Tim Tebow was once one of the hottest brands in football. His jerseys—first with the Broncos, then Jets, then Patriots—were nearly always top 10 best sellers on, even as recently as June 2014, when Peyton Manning took Tebow’s No. 1 spot. But what’s a fan to do when Tebow inevitably gets traded, or cut?

One Pennsylvania sporting goods store has the answer: jersey insurance. Timed with the arrival of Tebow’s new No. 11 Eagles jerseys on Friday, Schuylkill Valley Sports announced that all 18 of its locations would be offering insurance; if an NFL player gets traded or leaves his team within 18 months, fans can keep the jersey and also get a new one for half-price.

Tebow only signed for one year with Philadelphia, so the insurance policy, which costs $10, is sort of a no-brainer. As fan Nina Stango told Fox 29:

“I think it’s a great idea. I’ve had so many friends buying jerseys, and then that happens to them, and they’re like, what do I do?”

Unfortunately, insurance is a little too late for some Eagles fans. According to the NFLPA’s 2014-15 top 50 sales list, LeSean McCoy (14th) and Nick Foles (26th) were the only Philly guys to rank, and they’re now playing for the Bills and Rams, respectively. Not all is lost, though: DeMarcio Murray, the former Cowboys running back and 23rd on the bestseller list, is a newly minted Eagle. His old jersey, well, that’s a Dallas fan problem.

*A previous version of this article incorrectly listed Schuylkill Valley Sports as being based in Philadelphia. Its locations are in central and eastern Pennsylvania.

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