Syria April Chemical Weapons Red Line

President Obama Calls Proof of Chemical Attacks A “Game Changer.” Is THIS It?

A Syrian activist in the north of the country claims Syrian forces launched a chemical attack Monday from the air over the small town of Saraqib, near the border with Turkey.

Suhayb Elkhalid, 25, filmed the alleged strike and its aftermath and uploaded the video to YouTube, where we found it.

We contacted Elkhalid via Skype a few hours after the alleged incident. Portions of our video chat are dark, as he claims he was using a generator-powered computer due to power outages in the area.

Elkhalid  filmed apparent victims of the strike frothing at the mouth and gasping for air.

“We know it’s a chemical attack,” he told Vocativ.

He has gathered what he claims is physical evidence of the strike — “the empty bombs”, soil samples, clothes — and is trying to get it across the border to Turkey for testing. We will continue to report on this story…








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