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Hostage Steven Sotloff Is the Center of New ISIS Propaganda Campaign

After the beheading of James Foley, ISIS is using another captive journalist to grab headlines

Jihadi media activists are orchestrating a new campaign on social networks in an attempt to ratchet up pressure on U.S. President Barack Obama. The ISIS militants want Obama to respond to their threats to execute American captive journalist Steven Sotloff. The well-planned campaign—which includes pre-formulated tweets, images and instructions for dissemination, all under the hashtag #StevensHeadInObamasHands—is being rolled out in Arabic in an ISIS forum called al-Manbar, where the group tends to post publications and instructions. 

As part of the new campaign that went live on Sunday morning, ISIS has called on its supporters on Twitter and Facebook to help create public pressure on the U.S. president and terrorize the American public so that its demands are met. In a forum post, the group offered 13 different phrases to be published and tweeted, all of them using the #StevensHeadInObamasHands hashtag, along with a variety of images relating to the threat.

The tweets are often cross-tagged with popular tags to inject them into conversations in particular demographics. For example, several images we spotted are tagged with #AskRicky, which usually refers to Ricky Dillon, a teen YouTube star with over 1.6 million YouTube followers and similar numbers on Twitter and Instagram. Users scanning that hashtag will now, intermittently, see ISIS propaganda tweets in the same stream.

The ISIS tweets include propaganda slogans like “You have B52′s, your apaches and your Abrams [tank], but we have men who are dedicated, sincere, with hearts of lions,” or the more blunt “We will kill you wherever we find you.” Another image shows a quote from the speech James Foley was forced to make before his murder, exhorting others to rise against “the American government who really killed me.” Several of the suggested messages contain images of both journalists from the aforementioned video, as well as images of U.S. military action and/or the Sept. 11 attacks.

08/24/14 19:31 UTC@minbar_k

World Trade Center (WTC) is not the last count but is the first demolition ! #StevensHeadinObamasHands

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The group behind the new campaign seems to be dedicated to English language propaganda for ISIS, and its use of odd cross-hashtags shows an understanding of how to connect with hitherto out-of-reach demographics. The instructions were posted at 7 a.m. Eastern time on Sunday with a directive to start the campaign exactly one hour later.

The gruesome video documenting the execution of journalist James Foley by ISIS terrorists, which sent shockwaves around the world last week, ended with a message to the U.S. president, declaring that “his next move” would decide Sotloff’s fate. The 31-year-old journalist was kidnapped in Aleppo a year ago. It’s not clear what ransom or actions ISIS wants in return for sparing his life, but it is thought the group wants suspension of U.S. air strikes against ISIS, payment of dozens of millions of dollars and the release of several high-profile prisoners.

Sotloff, who wrote for Time, Foreign Policy and other books, had been unaccounted for until he appeared in the final seconds of the video documenting Foley’s execution last week. While Foley’s parents voiced their sorrow and asked jihadi militants to spare the life of other kidnapped foreign citizens, his brother was quoted as saying that “more could have been done” to save his life.

08/25/14 02:06 UTC@deborahamos

@neeratanden @lrozen Time honored tradition to impose media black out to not comprise negotiations. Too much attention raises the price.

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A petition on calling President Obama to “Do everything possible to free American reporter Steven Sotloff” has gathered more than 10,000 signatures so far. The release of another journalist, Theo Curtis, was negotiated over the weekend.

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  • “we would NOT allow our opponent country’s press people to just mingle in a battle zone.”

  • I wonder if they realize Obama is on their side. 

  • ISIS COWARDS Will  face the  justice of  god  almighty

  • they all lost their head for obama in 2008, why not in 2014?

  • Unless your demanding a long and painful death, I would reconsider “terroizing” the American public. We will NOT cave into your demands unless your demands are that we return to Iraq and bomb you out of existance.We will not allow our government to set up another “gitmo”. We will address and punish you in the way you most understand. In the way you punished that journalist who was there to tell your side. No. Come here at your own peril. What we want is NOT for you to be heard, what we want is for you to answer for your cowardly acts. And thats all they are. COWARDLY acts. Done in dark corners with suicide vests. Done in disguise because you are too afraid of US. Do you hear me my fellow Americians? THEY ARE AFRAID OF US.Let me say it again, THEY ARE AFRAID OF US.They can not face us, because they know that their God would forsake their cowardice and they would fail. So they attempt to hide from both their victems and their God.Obama will not save you. Allah will not save you. You want us, come and get us. You cheer for our deaths, yet have no idea who we really are. All you know is how to be used by government after government. American, Irainian, Russian, what does it matter as long as you get paid. Everybodies “go to” bad guy. You come here, and WE WILL DEMAND that we GO THERE. Your little rag tag band may be good at terrorizing the unarmed, but in Iraq you ran away and hid. On 9-11 you killed yourselves rather than be held accountable for your actions. In Israel you hide in schools and hospitals so you can cry victem when they are bombed. All around the world you are set up by every government that needs a bad guy.  And like all bad guys, now you will pay. You wanted attention? How does a public execution sound by burning your bodies in bacon fat?

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    • Cowards hide behind masks,if so brave show us who you are.

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      • As a final thought you are a disgrace to the UK and everything it obviously had to offer and which you were happy to recieve.Lets hope it turns its back on you and any or all relatives who you have in this country and by your actions see them sent from this country.

    • That is just a great post my friend.  

    • +
    • It’s time for us American people to stand up and be patriots, we can’t be afraid, we must fight for our freedom as our fore fathers did and we must rely on each other… One Nation under God, GO AMERICA!!!

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  • A month late and a second American’s head on the platter because of our Bumbling, Socialist in Chief.  If he dies, it’s impeachment time come November for our resident Black Alfred E Newman residing in the Mixed House.  What a poor excuse for a President.  Maybe he can give all of his next DNC Fundraiser money to the thugs to bail the guy out.  Nah, the poor, innocient guy isn’t a young, black thug that robs convenience stores and attacks cops.  

  • Fake terror groups brought to you by the actors, screen writer and producers of Washington DC.. You can catch their programing 24/7 on MSNBCFOXCNNnever at a loss for viewers

  • Wow! Now we even the terrorists are critizing Obama for playing too much golf instead of doing his job.

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    • ISIL got the wrong guy.  They need to kidnap Obama’s Golf Instructor to threaten the Unted States.  As a second thought, looking at SOC’s (Socialist In Chief) golf swing, I don’t think he has one.

  • Their not getting obamas attention because he’s to preoccupied with the destruction of America. If they behead some Guatemalans or Hondurans they might get some attention or maybe put on a uniform and shot a black person. obamas ignoring the situation because in reality he supports ISIS but in stead of worshiping Allah he want’s them to worship Barack Hussein Obama.

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    • Your trolling skillz need a bit of polishing, a little more fine-tuning before the fish bite.  Otherwise, nice attempt.

  • Hilarious how the jihadist strategy mirrors that of Drudge.  Curious, no?

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    • WTF!  You don’t know your a** from your elbow.

  • Looks like the whole world has Obama’s number: a lazy, self-consumed narcissist whose golf game is more important than American lives.

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    • Are you a Butch?U sure act like one

  • Isis was funded by the united states. That looked like a rubber knife to me. And he looked healthier in that video than he did before they captured him. Wierd…

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    • People believe anything….Fake terror groups brought to you by the Actors, screen writer and producers of Washington you can catch their programing 24/7 on MSNBCFOXCNN

  • I might find all this Isis stuff more disconcerting if they were to behead someone other than members of the 2nd most distrusted and disrespected profession in the world.The No 1 most distrusted and disrespected profession in the world?Lawyers.

  • Establishment coming response to the exposed fake james foley video……MSM…”They probably offered him an easy death by firing squad if he went along with the script.” They will say this is why he was so calm during the video.This is false as well. Isis may tell the man this to gain cooperation but when the man had finished the last line on the script his head would be removed.These guys do not behead just for kicks. They do it for the shock value. The shock of SEEING a man have his once talking breathing head be viciously removed while blood floods the streets. This is what they are after and we are supposed to believe that they honored an agreement with an American journalist and gave up the opportunity to terrorize the world?If the video was staged, it was CIA and Foley is still alive. Foley could definitely have been buried in the sand with his head popping through a CPR dummies chest for that final head resting on his chest shot.

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    • These “shock” videos will only backfire. It will put public pressure on the US and Obama to finally take action. It will wake up the sleeping giant. Woe to the terrorists who have stirred up the bee’s nest!!!

  • Time is already a propaganda site for terrorists. Last week they published a report that has been known to be as fake as a $3bill about the IDF selling the organs of dead Palestinians. Time Mag is very antisemitic and deserves whatever it gets for trying to pacify terrorists.


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