ISIS James Foley Poster

ISIS Beheading of U.S. Journalist James Foley Posted to YouTube

Unconfirmed video of journalist James Foley posted to YouTube by ISIS, while Time writer Steven Sotloff is paraded alive

A propaganda video claiming to show U.S. journalist James Wright Foley kneeling on a mountaintop and making a long anti-U.S. statement, presumably under duress, was posted to YouTube on Tuesday. Foley is standing next to an ISIS militant, who makes some remarks placing the blame for Foley’s death on U.S. President Barack Obama, before appearing to behead Foley with a knife.

08/19/14 20:29 UTC@mujahid4life


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The video, posted by Furqan Media, an official ISIS outlet, begins with footage of President Obama’s speech announcing his authorization of air strikes against ISIS in northern Iraq, preceded by these words: “Obama authorizes military operation against the Islamic State, effectively placing America upon a slippery slope towards a new war front against Muslims.” The video, which gives no hint as to where Foley was being held, then shows footage of the recent air strike in northern Iraq, before cutting to the beginning of Foley’s speech.

In the statement, during which he remained calm, Foley appeared to date his remarks by referring to recent strikes in Iraq. He specifically mentioned his brother John, a member of the U.S. Air Force.

The militant at Foley’s side started his speech by saying: “This is James Wright Foley, an American citizen of your country.” His statement referred to the recent air strikes, and continued: “You’re no longer fighting an insurgency. We are an Islamic army, and a state that has been accepted by a large number of Muslims worldwide, so effectively, any aggression towards the Islamic State is aggression towards Muslims from all walks of life who have accepted the Islamic caliphate as their leadership.”

Time magazine journalist Steven Sotloff, who has also been missing in Syria since August 2013, was paraded alive toward the end of the video, with the ISIS militant holding him threatening the U.S. president, saying that Sotloff’s life depended on Obama’s next move in Iraq.

Foley, a freelance journalist working for the Global Post, went missing near Taftanaz in Syria on Nov. 22, 2012, as he was on his way out of the country. His family and fellow journalists have been campaigning for his release ever since. Foley also spent six weeks in captivity in Libya while reporting on the war there in 2011. Numerous theories were posited for his disappearance, with many surmising that he was no longer alive, or that he was in Syrian state custody.

Jihadist forums immediately lit up with gloating posts upon the video’s publication, with exhortations to keep pushing the propaganda via social media. Said one, posting on the Hanein forums: “We must upload the video with a title in both Arabic and English for it to arrive to the American people … Keep uploading the video every minute since YouTube declared war on us you brothers.” Journalists and others, meanwhile, urged people not to share the video.

08/19/14 22:37 UTC@SarahJReports

The Hashtag #ISISmediaBlackout is trending as people are encouraging social media users not to share #ISIS #propaganda

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The original video was immediately removed from YouTube for breaching its terms and conditions on violent content, but multiple copies are continuing to pop up.

Several others pounced on the fact that Foley was shown in military-style fatigues during a split-screen portion of the video. “Look at minute 2:16, is he a soldier or a journalist!!” said one.


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  • Is there any study done yet on the effects of reading quran? possibly not. High time scientists should start the root cause analysis!Eg,what are the immediate and late effects on the brain after reading few pages, may be and then start researching for a cure for this disorder. I will take on all sorts of ice bucket challenge or hot water challenge  for their cause – lot of suffering for their brains is there!!

  • It has been taken down on Youtube, but the cat’s out of the bag. 

  • Nothin like a beheading to get the rage going. Rage solves a lot. It tends to lead to violent acts. The question we all need to start with is do we want peace or do we want war? If we are making war then we are not making peace. Violence begets violence. Sad and heartbreaking as it may be, marching off to war in the name of this mans beheading is not a peacefull act. If peace is the goal then going to war is an imediate failure in that goal. The goal of peace is much harder than the goal of war. The harsh reality of loss in the name of peace is much harder to bear than spilling blood in revenge. Revenge feels good. Peace is much more unforgiving. You have to be willing to be cut deeply and stand by principles and convictions to obtain peace. It takes a greater person to stand in the face of injuctice and not kill than it does to stand in the shadows or march off and burn down your neigbors house. 

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    • What you are failing to realize is that these radical Islamists do not want peace, athey want to subjugate the world under an Ilamic calliphate.  You will have no freedom of religion, women will become chattel with no rights.  And if you disagree with their method of rule, you will be killed.These people cannot be negotiated with.

  • I sure wish obama would go confront them in person and give them a one of his lame apologies.  Now that would be one of our favorite videos for years to come.

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    • What you meant was #ThanksObama

  • Seems to me that if we do not SHOW the despicable and barbaric methods of these Muslims, yes show the beheading, many people will continue on as normal without the stark realization of this evil.The silence of Muslim groups on this terrible issue is to be expected as it is called for in their “holy” book.We must STOP all immigration of all Muslims..NOW!

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    • I’m muslim and i condemn the killing of james, he’s a hero and he died with dignity unlike the cowards who killed him.Death to daesh cannibals. 

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      • Thanks for speaking out, Rachida. No religion condones this. 

      • Muslims don’t kill people, people kill people. Look at how many crazy Christians have enslaved, abused and killed in the name of Jesus. Islam is an elegant practical religion. The parts about killing (the bible also speaks of) were written back when living in peace required killing the people who were basically animals.

    • Well John no we don’t accept it as Islam, islam is the religion of peace, don’t relate these events to islam, this is more like “what you sow so shall you reap!”, got it, if not then shut your mouth as your dumb mind, and sleep tight.

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      • goodness, religion of peace or not Awi, all we have seen so far is violence coming from the terrorists who all HAPPEN to be muslims…  Try to be polite on these forums when responding.  You are supposed to be a peaceful muslim.

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      • Exactly 

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      • WHat i wonder the most is why is the religion of peace is in so much action!!

      • who are we here AWI? 

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    • I agree John…..People need to see the real Islam not just what Obama and his Muslim backers want us to see. Please forgive me for what I’m about to say…….GOD BLESS AMERICA, ALLAH BE DAMNED!!!!!!!

    • AGREED!!  Should have happened long ago before it got this bad.

  • Does ISIS stand for ” ignorant swine injesting swine?” I’m not sure why but every time I hear of them, I envision their muhammad getting porked by a pig.

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    • Heh  Heh  Heh,  good one!

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  • The world has to sit up and drastic action to eradicate this menace called ISIS else they will unleash violence across the world and target innocent people.  Take action  now and not tomorrow  else we may regret the delay. Let all civilised countries join to eradicate this barbarians….vincy

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    • The claim used to be that you could not declare war on al quaida because it was an infiltration into numerous countries.  Now it has solidified and is, in effect, a locale, a “state” and, I would think, eligible for this designation of war being declared by USA.

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      • right on….Nuke the bastalonians.

  • Do not draw back… ISIS is but a cancer that needs to be taken out from the very roots and core or else it will only grow and become dangerous for all nations. ISIS is about lawlessness, being barbarian, and ISIS is right from the pit of HELL itself and this ISLAM SATAN… don’t ever listen to ISIS… but bomb the hell out of them and go dig out the core root of BARBARIAN ISIS… anyone that does these kind of things to human beings is demon possessed from HELL itself…

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    • At what point does hate even cause disintegration of a soul? At times God lets evil run a full course so that the evil is exposed for its full evilness; then he brings it to a close.  Amoralistic is how one has to describe these people.  If they lack morals, then is the conscience dead?  And just when does a conscience-dead individual loose the very soul he has, and becomes a whirlwind of nothingness, devoid of graces, honesty, courtesy, humanitarian aid, and light of any kind?  Zero chance of getting to heaven without your soul!

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      • yeah…if we don’t do anything Israel will.

    • Deash must be wiped out of this earth by all means even if we have to use nuclear weapon.

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      • yeah…if we don’t do anything Israel will.


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