A member loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) waves an ISIL flag in Raqqa June 29, 2014. The offshoot of al Qaeda which has captured swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria has declared itself an Islamic "Caliphate" and called on factions worldwide to pledge their allegiance, a statement posted on jihadist websites said on Sunday. The group, previously known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS, has renamed itself "Islamic State" and proclaimed its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi as "Caliph" - the head of the state, the statement said. REUTERS/Stringer (SYRIA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR3WBPT

An Analysis of ISIS Quarterly Reports: Kill and Conquer

James Foley's beheading illustrates ISIS' ruthlessness; the growing organization's reports reveal its calculating nature

Any doubts about how ruthless and single-minded the Islamic State (commonly referred to as ISIS) had become were dispelled on Tuesday. A gruesome propaganda video began circulating that evening, showing the purported beheading of James Foley, an American journalist who disappeared in Syria in 2012. A masked ISIS executioner, speaking to the camera in a distinctly British accent, announces in the video that the murder is in response to American air strikes on ISIS in Iraq, ordered by President Obama 12 days earlier.

ISIS is becoming an increasingly ruthless and effective killing machine, one we can now quantify. For several years, as the organization evolved—moving between Iraq and Syria and changing its moniker—what we now know as ISIS has been cataloging its litany of vicious attacks in minute detail. Each event is labeled with the precise date, type and location of the attack. ISIS has, to date, released consistent reports on its operations only in Iraq; no such material is provided on Syria. Likewise, detailed information about the victims has been largely withheld, until the emergence of the video showing Foley’s murder.


Vocativ has discovered, collated and tabulated the available data from monthly reports posted in various online forums affiliated with ISIS. The reports detail every ISIS attack in chronological order (see embed below). The ISIS reports were published by what the organization calls its “media ministry.” These reports were provided only in Arabic, which suggests ISIS wasn’t targeting them for Western exposure, but rather to spread news of its achievements throughout the Arabic-speaking world to would-be recruits and supporters. It should also be noted that, as ISIS generated the reports, not all details can be corroborated. Regardless, the organization’s data provides a detailed picture of how ISIS views itself and what its shifting priorities are in the battlefield.

ISIS: A Caliphate, by the Numbers

One thing is abundantly clear: ISIS is a more potent force than ever before. Of particular note, given Tuesday’s gruesome beheading video, will be the gradual increase in assassinations (the red line in the graph below). ISIS has been tracking them since late 2011. We broke down the data into quarters, and in Q1 of 2011, ISIS counted 94 executions. Two years later, in Q1 of 2014, that number had more than quadrupled to 399 assassinations over a three-month period.

Sniper killings have also risen sharply. In the last three months of 2013, ISIS counted 37 sniper kills. In the first three months of 2014, that number had risen to 270.

Similarly huge spikes in improvised explosive device (IED), mortar and rocket attacks toward the end of 2013 show a rise in the types of strikes that require skill and financing, and it’s worth noting that the figures we present today stop in April 2014. That’s a full two months before ISIS raided the central bank in Mosul, making off with $425 million, and three months before it acquired an enormous stash of U.S.-donated military hardware from a base north of Mosul, from which Iraqi soldiers fled in fear. So while ISIS’ growth in late 2013 and early 2014 is clear from the reports, the figures don’t yet represent what the better funded, better equipped ISIS has been able to do since June (not to mention that it has reportedly attracted 6,000 new fighters to its ranks in July). Expect an even bigger spike in Q2 and Q3 of 2014.

As its priorities change from month to month, ISIS drops some reporting categories and adds new ones. It documented just a single case over the three full years of documents surveyed by Vocativ in which an “infidel” was run over and killed. ISIS stopped reporting “deaths in close combat” at the end of 2012 and started regularly recording “expelled Shiite fighters” in late 2013.

Some pullout data: Suicide missions remain a popular mode of killing for ISIS. The trends show two main methods, the suicide belt and the suicide car bombing, and how the former is giving way to the latter.

ISIS belt/vest bombings peaked toward the end of 2013, then showed a sharp decline in 2014. Car bombings, in contrast, are increasingly favored. Using a car for a suicide mission is, presumably, more expensive, and therefore can be carried out more easily by a better funded organization. Car bombs can also carry greater amounts of explosive and therefore be used to even more deadly effect.

As ISIS has grown in strength in Iraq, it has “conquered” more “cities.” The reports the organization provides don’t state where towns have been lost, if any, and a direct translation here may not make sense. ISIS may have taken control of more towns, but major cities like Iraq and Erbil still elude its grasp—for now. In the group’s terms, conquering a city means cleansing it entirely of “infidels.”

Most of the attacks carried out since 2011 took place in Nineveh, Iraq. However, the numbers show attacks in Baghdad spiked in December 2013 and continued to rise for several months, reaching an all-time high in April that surpassed the number of attacks in Nineveh. The deadliest year in Iraq since 2008 was 2013, with more than 8,800 people killed. Tensions continue to be fueled among Sunnis, who say they have been marginalized by the Shiite government. This Sunni anger has made it easier for ISIS to recruit and operate in Iraq.


The ISIS reports show an organization that measures itself in incredible detail. Anything beyond that has to be inferred. Is ISIS measuring so that it can improve? Is it simply part of the organization’s propaganda war? We don’t yet have the answers to these queries, but we are constantly tracking ISIS forums and social media accounts in search of richer context. We can say the following with certainty: ISIS is better funded and more dangerous than ever. The West should be watching the extremists as closely as they are watching themselves.

ISIS quarterly report, August 2014

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  • ISIS is criminal, I agree, and hope they lose. But you are being too squeamish about killing. What do you think the aftermath of Israeli air strikes on Palestinians in Gaza looks like? Worse than beheadings because they not only cut off the head, but tear out limbs of babies. Let us not be too forgiving of hi-tech killers like the Israeli Airforce.Killing is killing, and Israelis killed more than 2,000 and wounded thousands. Both must be stopped.


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    • To understand what is going on now in the world (middle east)one need to be able to think 50years ahead of isis,hammas,alcada iran and all is T grup,they have one mission in mind , how they get there dont matter ,what is happaning now is that this group is fooling the world to get to their point of mission ,and what is that .the full distruction of Isreal.smoke will come in from Gaza,dust from lebanon,and a mighty water from syria,and iran driving this force to isreal .Q!is isreal and europe sleeping.




  • Can you Middle East Terrorist A-holes stop interrupting Obamas golf time?

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    • Yeah…Maybe if he goes on one more apology tour also…he can show how weak the USA has become. 

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  • ISIS must be removed from this earth in all forms of itself. ISIS cannot be allowed to ixist upon this earth. There is just no room for them to ixist side-by-side with rational thinking human beings. These so called people are inhuman, vicious, mentally challenged and must be eradicated at all cost.

  • Just drop a small poodle-size nuclear bomb on them.  IS/IS will quickly turn into WAS/WAS. 

  • Maybe if Obama hadn’t gotten all the troops out in Iraq to look good and without a realistic plan, we wouldn’t be having this problem.  Not to mention everything our men and women worked so hard to do over there (many with their own lives) to stabilize the country and fight terrorism.  Remember, this terrorist group ISIS is coming from Syria into Iraq and back again.  Way to go Obama…I guess you are really earning that Nobel Peace Prize that you got for….oh you hadn’t done anything yet.  And his foreign policy has brought war and devastation to Iraq, hasn’t been able to make any dent on Israel/Palestinian fighting, has got Putin playing Russian Roulette with Ukraine…and the list goes on!  What a joke.

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    • oh…and forgot to mention…Obama giving up Five senior Taliban in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his post in eastern Afghanistan on June 30, 2009. Seriously, doesn’t anyone think its a

    • Blame Bush for entering the War.Do not blame Obama for how he ended it. Ended it? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Im not laughing. Im pissed off. He is trash.

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      • Obama didn’t end it.  He just made the situation worse.   

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    • Even better, if Bush had never invaded in the first place.

  •   Are we legally allowed to fire upon any individuals or vehicle that contains “masked maurauders” if we see them?    I think it is time to define the “do’s and don’ts” of the new warfare that may already be upon us.

  • What amazes me is that these radical murderers try to act so brave, but they are really cowards in that have to cover their faces so no will know who they really are.  Brave soldiers do not have to hide their faces if they are really confident in their cause, only cowards do.

  • Dont worry,,,as soon as Obama get off the 18th green,,,showers, has lunch,,,he will set up a meeting to handle these nogoodniks…….starting in Nov.God we need some leadership with balls in this country.  I’ve had my fill of huggers.

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    • You want to send our troops over there? You should go over there too then.

    • like gw in June, July, Aug of 2011 when he was at his ranch!!!!  right wing much tea tard, or just another armchair quarter back!!!!

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      • This “Blame Bush for everything” got old 5 years ago.  Obama owns this mess.  By the way, Obama played more golf in his first 4 years than W did in 8 years, and W did not ignore his responsibilities while on the ranch, the way Obama does.

  • Why the hell are we trying to analyze these motherfuc**s this is not some kind of video game here innocent people are being slaughtered! GET RID OF THEM!

  • OK… fine…  Can we get back to talking about Robin Williams now?

  • Let’s start killing these Islamic, middle eastern extremist.  We’ll see how brave they are.  The problem is, the US is too soft.  Using “we need to act like leaders and lead” as an excuse.  US, grow some balls and do what’s necessary to control the situation.

  • All wearing HOODS. Just like the KKK.

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    • They wear hoods because they are cowards. If they truly were fighters of god, they would be protected and would have no need to conceal them selves.

  • They are living in some kind of Hypnotic Islamic image. I feel pity on them, because they need to come out from their Mind-set-Captive life. THERE IS NOTHING TO BE FEEL PRIDE TO KILL HUMAN. A British Muslim Imam said, “This not Islamic, it is ANIMALISM.” Seems British Imam is RIGHT.

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    • We want to destroy Isis we need to be just as dirty and terrorise them, burm em to a crisp.would’nt half to wory about burying them

  • ISIS is like the little house kitten that thinks he’s a Lion and part of the pride. He keeps biting and scratching the head Lion because he has no idea of the ferocious abilities and extreme power that head Lion has. Once you awake the sleeping Lion, you’ll wish you could go back. Too late!

  • Darth Vader, with the Lil’ Shrub as an accomplice, once said the efforts of the US through the IRAQI invasion and war would change the Middle East and bring democracy to a dark region in the world.  ‘MissionAccomplished’ eh douchebag?

  • Hummm think about this for a second….. Who has the most to gain from wars?……  The terrorist? America? Irag? or The Weapons manufacturers? I bet the Weapon Makers are gearing up production as we speak……. Only need weapons if you have Wars…… It all comes down to WHO HAS THE MOST TO GAIN…. THE WEAPON MAKERS YOU CAN BET ARE BEHIND THIS SOMEHOW

  • Democrat campaign ads will tell us ISIS is on the run.

  • Yet another MISSION ACCOMPLISHED annnouncement just for Campaign propaganda.  Kick Obama OUT NOW!

  • We say that the whole world condems these terrorists. Yet someone is supporting them and giving them wepons. Is it possible to stop this and if so why is the civilized world not doing it? 

  • Has the war on terror eliminated terrorism?  Of course not.  By placing boots or airpower in one nation, the terrorist forces will simply migrate to another nation.  The US will not be able to eliminate these forces unless we call for a full force invasion.  This however would cost more American lives and billions of dollars our Republic lacks.  Afghanistan was a major factor in the death of the Soviet Union.  Will the same be true for the United States?  I’d rather not take the chances to find out.  We need to get all men out of the Middle East and let them solve their own problems.

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    • Let them solve THEIR problems by sending their terrorists here to the U.S.!?Because that is EXACTLY wht they will do!They could make 9/11 look like a “civilized endeavor”.No, you don’t cure cancer by waiting to see if it will just go away.You take it on early and use ALL POWERS and TECHNOLOGIES available to cut it out of a civilized world.My fear is that we might already have waited too long!

  • They need to be hunted down one by one. Their leader is disgrace and practices lawless. For one to claim or state their muslims and does not follow their guide lines of the Quran is worse than an Infidel. Dogs have more vaule then they do. At least a dog is loyal to it’s master, in the bible and Torah all aniamls knows who God is and their first born off spring is offer up to the Lord God. They make empty prayers and not heared by their God. For many state they serve the same God, but in all reality they serve a God that is unknow, or called Satan. For when did God every step off the throne and asked them to do his JOB, they are covered in bloodshed and they are equal to the unclean birds that are called Ravens the Scacengers. They hunt for Innocence and their blood poored out due to their unclean thoughts calling it the will or Conscience Of their God. They state America is the blame for their own issues and how America killed way too many Muslims yet was it not them who decleared a war that knew the death toll would raise bewteen both. The ISIS did they not go through Iraqi killing their own and shooting and killing women and men and their children. Their a Disgrace to their own.  

  • Who is making up all these “uniforms” for these murderers? 

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    • I would bet these uniforms are funded by American tax dollars thanks to muslim usurper obama. After all he send millions, jets and tanks to the muslim brotherhood.

  • The ISIS is the same in my book of cowards and like the 35 Al-Quaida training in the US they all these rabid dogs need to be stop to keep the decease ffrom spreading.Here if a dog bits someone the dog is putdown, the willfulness of total murdering of men, women and children by these groups are more server that any pack of rabid dogs.As to the 35 traing camps in the US – nothing is being done about the either by AG Holder or Obama except tell every one to leave them alone. Even though they are praticing to kill Americans, have fully automatic weapons (illegal for American citizens to own) pratice building bombs for the explosive that have (probly given bu obama since they are his brothers).And Obama was all American citizens to be fully UNARMED when these dogs come a calling on you. 

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    • Amen to that!! Obama can kiss my American A** if he thinks im going unarmed!!!

  • The Problem is we have a  for a president…He seems to be just twiddling his fingers trying to be some sort of Mother Teresa…What the $%^& is he waiting for? Another 9/11??!!

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    • You mean like the 9/11 we had when someone else was POTUS. Dont recall one under the current POTUS.

    • And if he took action, what if THAT were to cause another 9/11? There is not much he can do, as he doesn’t know exactly how they can respond. Seeing as this is the strongest and best trained force we have fought lately, we don’t know their limits or resources. There isn’t much POTUS can do. The air strikes were a big risk, too.

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    • He is waiting to get done with his vacation, haha. That’s all our d***headed president is good at!!!

  • No more that ever we need our guns!!!!

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    • Oh GREAT! WE all get our guns! THAT WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING!I GUESS YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO FLY OVER TO IRAQ AND USE YOUR GUN ON ISIS!You will be their next “made for TV MARTYR” and help them recruit even more fools to their cause!

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      • @RUSHISWRONG-Really?? Way to be an adult!! Come try and take my guns and see who is going over to help get ISIS, sure as hell won’t be me!!

  • Are we enjoing the results of the Bush Cheny great venture, removing the controling force that kept the waring tribes and other diruptive groups in line, not to mention a counter balance to Iran.And as a reminder, there was NO Al-Qa’ida in Iraq, before Saddam Hussein was deposed.

  • I think before this is over . Were going to end up building or taking over a perment base in Iraq . Like it are not people !

  • The UN needs to get their $#%$ together and let’s extinguish these cave man mentality animals that are slaughtering innocent people, men women and children. They are a serious threat to all mankind and have blatantly stated their intention of attacking United States soil. Maybe a notarized copy of the plan of attack is required for some people to take them serious. The ISIS is owned and operated by the Devil Himself; very seriously, a change in their intentions is very unlikely. Eliminate the problem or wait to be slaughtered, let’s contemplate our options. DUH

  • They are cowards why else are they wearing rags around there face as soon as marines hit the ground you wont hear of them thats who they are and gigi go get your head cut off

  • Don’t worry Obama will send more weapons and money to these animals.

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    • sad but so very true!!

  • God Bless America..

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    • we are in ytouble with a president who won,t secure the border.These fanatics will kill millions if they infect some of their martyrs with ebola and send them into the US through our border or as a student from the middle east.We now have supporters of this terrorist group in ameria now who are simply waiting for the right time to strike.Forget a suicide vest ,Ebola is a biological weapon that would kill millions

  • Well if you are men then why cover your face,Cowards more like it.

  • People who dislike the Islamic State should think that the West (United States and allies) have killed far more people (civilians included) than them.We are the real terrorists

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    • GIGI- Why don’t you go and join ISIS I’m sure they would welcome you with open arms… of course you’d have to devote your life, as long as it last,  to Mohammad and ISIS …they are looking to replace the last American Terrorists. they used him as a human Bomb …I think you’d make a good human bomb…make christian mother  proud.

    • Do we take inoccent people and saw their heads off? 

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    • I am a ex-marine and we fought hard to help people of these regions and these people are far more dangerous than any American can ever be. Soldier are suppose to fight soldiers and the killing of innocent people can never be justified no matter how you feel about America, this is not Islam, this is not fighting for freedom, this is not wanting to have your own state, theses men are murderers and need to be put down period…….reggie c s 

    • We are not perfect, but we have a free country that allows morons like you to critique it, speak freely  etc. If you voiced an opinion like that under the rule of this group or most governments in the world actually you would have your big head seperated from your body. 

    • Gigi darling ever thought bout getting your head removed go over there why dont u

    • A guy has a last name that is hispanic and he is automatically a foreigner, specifically a Mexican. SO IGNORANT!!

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      • @EJQUEZAD-Nice name yourself, sure you arent part of the ISIS??

  • Any chance of getting a translated version of the report?

  • Haha, you’re funny.

  • This is the same bunch Obama was referring to as “The JV” of any al Qaida relatedd groups? ISIL/ISIS makes al Qaida look like kindergarten students.

  • Israel and the U.S. prayed for Asad’s downfall. And this was their proxy. Guess what? If it can take over in Iraq and/Syria… Lebanon, Israel and Palestine are its next targets. Israel better hope Hezbollah keeps up the attacks on Isis. Somewhere, Asad must be laughing. 


  • You have not only demostarted your ignorance but hatred to the muslims and Islam.That not with standing, Islam does not permit killings and hatred of anyone and whoever does will face the wrath of Allah.Every right thinking muslim should condem these thugs and their indoctrination.And be informed that there’s no basis except for your figmentation for the so called virgins in the heaven; and whoever do have prove in the quran should qoute it.

  • Ashame on you claiming to be Christian.. I am a Christian and ashame of your wordings… Where in the holy bible you learned to hate and to be this person you are?

  • Of course he was!! 

  • I am not a Muslim and I respect every religious groups.  There will always be fanatics within each of them.  Chrisitan is NO DIFFERENT! I have yet to read any comments from any Muslim write the way you write…anywhere.If you think Muslims are bad, and their Quran book are to be used as TP, I think you are worst. You cannot possible be a reflection of God’s creation!

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    • I give a dam about religons of men of flesh, I believe in GOD. These animals should hunted down an boil to death in pork fat. 

  • You, a “Christian”…talking like this??? No…you will be surprised WHO will enter Heaven’s Gate faster than you!You’re no “Chrisitan”…You’re a fake.

  • Yeah, right. ISIS is a fake as fake can be! How many terrorists wear perfectly clean, matching uniforms like band members?? It is ridiculous. I don’t believe any of the hype.

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    • This ISIS is made and invented by spy agency same lika Qada osama ben laden made by america and faught by also America , this is the way of panicing Humen every where to keep their influance and fingers every where , but who ignit the lite will be the first one to be burnet with !!

  • These people aren’t hiding they are right out there in the open for everybody to see, so why aren’t there gunships raining down on their parades.

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    • It’s a scam. You’re being sold another bogeyman.

  • Can’t believe that Republicans are coming out supporting ISIS. Check Fox and New York Post!

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    • B.S.

  • Why don’t we bomb them every time they have a street parade?

  • If the media can take pictures of this and all the hightech nations have satellites in space that can zoom in and tell you the color of their eyes, then why are they still having parades? They should be on the receiving end of a C130 gunship or some of those missles like the ones Stormin Norman used!

  • I really believe these hoodliums have never felt love from their own or for thier own, so mentally and physically  they take it out on others to satisfy the emptiness they have from being rejected from their own families.And they have no right to take anyones life,GOd the almighty is the only one who has this right, because he died so we could all live, and he made no difference between color, sex, religion, good, bad normal or unnormal human beings, we all bleed the same color of blood in our veins, it’s blue until it hits the air amnd it is all RED. God will punish these sick minded animals, because they do not act like humans, they should be treated like animals and criminals they are .

  • So, if you can show this parade of black clad and hooded pirats, why not just give them our greetings and send the to their virgins? what good is talking and telling rather then doing and finishing?

  • I dont see where the ISIS is very calculating. They are still following the horrific model of Osama Ben Laudin that accomplished nothing. Osama Ben Laudin did nothing, and cost those who protected him and fought for him, like the Taliban, to loose a lot. while he hid in some room making video tapes of himself saying threats. You would think the great spirit would have taught them a different way to approach all this by now. Iraq leader was horrible to exlude so many tribes in westren Iraq. But in Iran there is members of both sects that took the time to pray for peace. To pray together, because it means that much. A lot of good people in mosques that pray for the violence to end. Lets see which of the conflicting prayer the great spirit chooses to answer. ISIS has no ability to calculate what will happen. One can’t pay Ohms by creating more need for Ohms than they pay. Its simple to try to pay ohms to where there is a less of a need of ohms in the future. They want to attack planes, but ignore the ability to use planes for good.. to at least fufill a pillar. Calculating? More like given a breif time to correct themselves.

  • Very Simple Solution – I.C.B.M.Inter-Continental Ballistic MissilesSend as many as you need (shouldn’t be many) to ensure whenthe dust settles, NOTHING is left living!!!

  • Our government doesnt have a leader. Look our commander and chief blames the bush cabinet for the pull out of Iraq. I wish our commander and chief would stop blamming other people start doing his job. Its always easier to blame someone else. Stop blamming and do whats right for this country for a change! We are falling more in debt everyday and my kids and there kids are going to be the ones that suffer for it. I think its time we take care of our own instead of being the world police!

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    • 2shay

  • Time to tell the ISIS leaders that they will be meeting their 72 virgins soon, very soon.  Identify ‘em, locate ‘em, and then put a bullet in their ears.  Then announce “Next up?”

  • We need to hold QATAR ,TURKEY  and Saudi responsible to any think mad people so. They are the creation of these murderers. It is time for western world to reaccess cooperation with this countries.

  • We need to H-bomb and we need to do it now.  We have a yellow president that never should be forgiven for playing gulf after he had his press conference.  He is the worst president this country ever had.  Obama why don’t you go to Iraq and have your head cut off and see how it feels.  You stink!  I will never vote for a Democrat again in my life.  You are a coward. 

  • Don’t bother Obama with any of this.  He’s playing golf.  He went immediately from his speech this morning, to the golf course.

  • The cowards ISIS can be taken out as well.

  • See a snake . . . . . . . kill a snake! You can’t reason with lunatics but you can do whatever it takes to eliminate them with extreme prejudice. 

  • This is the reason that God invented NUKES!  Use them!

  • It is just a matter of time and we will dispell of them too.

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    • where was the NSA ??? werent they supposed to be monitoring things like this, not spying on friends…  

  • we spent billions training and equipping the Iraqis, on to now have to spend millions to bomb our own equipment. do we have a smart government or what?

  • It’s high time that the United States do whatever is required in order to eliminate these physcho cult freaks. People can protest and say that war is not the answer but if we don’t do something ASAP, they will bring the war to us. What would life be like if you didn’t feel safe from IEDs in your corner Starbucks, library, theater or restaurant? If we don’t take action, they will bring the war here and they have no care or thought for women or children like we do.

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    • APPt..you are one hundred percent right!!!

    • That’s what exactly they want.Engage USA in war and drain its finance. Obama administration senses that very early and pulled army from war.

  • I think every country in the world should send a brigade of soldiers over there and corner these cowards and then shoot and kill every last one of them. Damn,if I weren’t so old, I would re-enlist and go over there and have me one good time killing these rats and getting rid of the vermin. Time to exterminate the rats of Iraq, then leave their flea infested corpses for the buzzards, although I don’t think the buzzrads would want anyhting to do with rotten humans.nope just burn their dirty a$$’s, BTW, where is the napalm anyway? time to start using it again.

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    • excellent idea….

    • I am 70, but would love to reinlist and fight for a free people.  I am not a coward like our president

  • QATAR & TURKEY  and Saudi people ( not the government) are behind the Mayhem of these bearded Islamic rats….So all should know that Qatar & Turkey are US favorite Allies!!

  • What are we worried about?  These guys are the JV team…just ask Obama.

  • These savages need to be wipped off the planet asap. You don’t get any more barbaric and radical than these animals.

  • This is not going to end well for any one/side, it will become an all out war between the have’s, and the have not’s! It’ only a matter of time, and that time is almost here!

  • I believe we still have the atomic bomb, do we not?  That would end this threat once and for all.

  • Okay….Is it now time to act…I mean really act…decisively, brutally and effectively….all out?  Is it time??  Or do we wait…and hope it all goes away??  More importantly…is Obama the man to lead?  

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    • Obummer is to busy going around in cercle.  I mean, around, around and around.

  • I must say, why on earth are they still around. They were all lined up why weren’t they shot on the spot specially knowing how they operate. 

  • These sub human barbaric a(ss)hol)es cant be reasoned with, you need to kill them. If I were king for the day, I would increase the bombing against them for every hostage they kill

  • Time to exterminate this vermon!!! 

  • aslong as these GUTLESS wonders continue to hide their faces then there should be NO PROBLEM with OBLITERATING them once and for all!!!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!

  • The white house took immediate action – they began to study the video to try to determine if it was authentic. Beyond that? Not so much. 

  • Who is worse ISIS or the rioters looters in Ferguson – I say the rioters & looter in Ferguson are worse

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    • Silly.

  • where the hell are the drones

  • We need a ‘peaceful’ solution but the way this is going – it seems impossible. We need a new MLK or Mahatma Gandhi type of a leader to change the course of the history once again… In short, need a miracle to curb this madness!

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    • they would gleefully kill MLK or a Gandhi for sick sport.

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      • This is not about ISIS. It is about Islam. ISIS is just a messenger of the word.

  • Lets destoy this animals for good..!

  • This type of humans, need to be destroyed, not fything them, just destroying them, witouth any kind of mercy. These humans, cannot be allowed to multiply, period.!!  

  • Start dropping daisy cutters on their positions!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • right on!!!!

  • Bush,Cheney and Rove should be in FEDERAL PRISON for lying us into the disastrous Iraq nightmare. As Conservative columnist George Will said, “The invasion of Iraq was the worst foreign policy disaster in American history.”

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • The libs ok’d the war, go after them. obama’s been offics for almost six years and has only made everythig worse. Don’t you libs think it might a good idea to look at him. He tripled the probles of America once he took office. You blamed Nixon for the Viet Nam war, why not do the same to barry?

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Because Jack, if the liberals don’t blame Bush, it’s a little hard to look in the mirror.

    • Yeah and the British Intelligence agency lied when they said that Saddam had WMD and was trying to get uranium, and the Clinton appointed head of the CIA lied when he said it was a “slm dunk” that Saddam had WMD, and Pres. Clinton lied when he said the Saddam had WMD, and a whole bunch of Dems lied when they reviewed the intel and said Saddam had WMD, etc., etc., etc.  But of course that means NOTHING to the Left.  Only a person who knows NOTHING of the run up to the invasion of Iraq would say Bush lied – or a Leftist who is willing to lie to promote their failed agenda.

  • How soon we find our country back in Iraq. I believe Obama owes Bush one huge apology. Along with the American citizens

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • RLT: Just how stupid is it possible for you to be? It is because of Bush we are in this f….king mess. Sadam may have been a thug, but he kept Iraq and the neighboring states STABLE. He would never have tolerated ISIS. We are still cleaning up the Bush/Cheney/Rove catastrophy and will be doing so for decades. The three of them should be in federal prison for treason against this country!

      3 Replies - Reply Now
      • I TOTALLY agree with you.

      • I appreciate your oppinion and respect your right to state it. I beleive you may be referring to Saddam Hussein(you said Sadam). However you seem to have forgotten how horrific Saddam Hussein was.  He kept things stable by killing EVEYONE who opposed him. Things maybe be unstable now, but there are far less murders than when Saddam was in power. Please do some research before making yourself out to be a fool. http://history1900s.about.com/od/saddamhussein/a/husseincrimes.htm

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      • +
        • true so true but! He wasn’t behaving Americans now was he? chris?
      • Why didn’t you blame JFK or LBJ for Viet Nam?

  • The only Americans that are afraid of Isis are the ones in Washington, and I am not sure that they are Americans.  The only fear of Americans is that Washington will try to take away the arms of Americans, then groups like Isis will become a real threat to our country.  There is no doubt in my mind that the jihadists eagerly want our government to disarm our people.  Disarmament of our people will allow them to start jihad here in America.  It is what they are practicing for on their reservations.  It is what they are pushing Washington to do thru such governments as the Saudis.  Europe will see jihad in the near future.  They have already disarmed themselves and allowed the jihadists into their countries.  How many in Europe will eventually die because of the banksters and NWO criminals.

  • Do you like what Obama (of course we can’t forget Bush [9/11,.etc]) helped to support and create in Libya Egypt and Iraq, etc.? Not that you will care or see any significance but in the US there is a different type of execution of patriotic Americans by our own US Government. Until US Government lawlessness is fixed here expect more of the same from the real EXTREMISTS overseas due to CIA, US Government intervention, meddling overseas. WE THE PEOPLE have been in the crosshairs for quite some time:http://tekgnosis.typepad.com/tekgnosis/2014/07/notice-of-errors-and-of-clarifications-5-cfr-13205-214-cr-00027-ndf-2.html

  • This is an excellent and informative report that presents a useful approach to understanding the threat posed by this organization.

    • Please everyone…stop living in the past and blaming this person or that person and focus on what is happening now… there needs to be a plan, plain and simple, to KILL these people..that is all they understand.  You cannot spin this any other way.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I totally agree. It is not the “fault” of anyone. This is a growing extremist Islamic movement which has only ONE intention, and that is to take over the world and convert all to Islam under Shaaria Law. And to ‘take over’ is to violently murder anyone and everyone who doesn’t convert or shows any indication of not supporting their manic views. That includes Jews, Christians, Muslims who do not share extremist views, atheists, people having any other beliefs besides theres. Women and children are negligible and to be ‘used’ for their sick purposes. It’s about time people in the west realize that these ‘beings’ do not share western beliefs, do not think in western terms and cannot be judged in western terms. They are from a whole different and terrible planet of thought. They see ‘western’, ‘liberal’ thinking people are fools. And they are actually right. They have to be met head on in the only language that they understand. Death.


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